Please, please.

I need to please people I will never see again in my life on a daily basis because if I don’t, I don’t get paid.  Just today, I had a table at the restaurant I serve at with a reservation for five people.  I had a beautiful set-up for them, overlooking the lake and right by the flowers.  Sometime in between the time I set the table up, and the time I sat the party of five, another customer had grabbed one of the menus off the table, thus making my setting incomplete.  The leader of the five-pack said to me upon arrival at her table, “This is not for us, we asked for a good table for five and this is set for four.”  Her demeanor was (sorry mom) bitchy for the rest of her visit dispite the fact that I bent over and kissed her rear for the next hour and a half.

This woman allowed a minor detail to an otherwise fantastic meal in the most beautiful setting ruin her experience.  WHERE do these people come from?  In any rational conversation with anyone I have met, they could see that nothing was offensive or inconvient about waiting thirty seconds before a menu was in front of them.  The other four strangers in my life had zero problem with it.  For some reason, the hostess of the party of five decided her job of entertaining her guests with a luncheon had been comprimised because of this.

This blog is not about the sassy customer I dealt with today.  There’s one or two every day.  (Side note:  don’t be a crab-ass to your server at a restaurant, they want to help you and be plesant far less when you do.)

This blog is about those who demand perfection in the way they expect others to please them.  Stop it.  Life is a grand adventure where the small stuff ain’t supposed to be sweated.

Today, I ate dinner at The World’s Crappiest Seafood Restaurant.  It said that right on the door.  It should have anyhow.  They charged premium prices for low quality frozen then deep fried fish.  I hated every bite of the bland and gut wrenching meal.  But no part of me wanted to make anyone elses life a little more miserable because the food sucked. Why?  Because the establishment was under no obligation to provide me with a tasty meal.  They were to bring the food I ordered, and they did.  They did it with a great attitude as well.


To those of you who crap on everything and feel the need to nit-pick minor details that never will matter in the long run:    Put on your effin’ party pants and grow a smile on your face.  People in this world who actually do fall victims to circumstances do not do so because meals are not correct, or because they have not been shown enough whoop-dee-doo at their arrival.

Life is a quick blur and your attempts to ruin it for the rest of us is down right sad.  And, your not accomplishing your goal, you’re just making us wonder why you don’t band with the other crazy unsatisfiable people and create your own society where misery reigns and complaints are gold.  Or better yet, decide to be pleasant and pleased.

End rant.

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7 Responses to Please, please.

  1. mama23bears says:

    i couldn’t agree with you more! i am so sick of people who pretty much go out of their way to make everyone elses day shitty. like when i am 9 months pregnant stopping to hold the door for someone but when i have a car seat on one arm & the diaper bag on the other and holding a childs hand, they let the door slam in my face. it makes me pretty mad but i still always stop to hold the door or make the girls.

    that is just one small example of the rude things people do and i go on with a smile on my face but so annoyed i could break a pencil.

  2. Jason says:

    I have worked in the food service industry, so I know what you’re saying. It makes everything so much better when customers are nice and polite. Now that I’m not in the industry, I still try to be as courteous and understanding to the people involved with making/bringing me my food. When I go out to eat with other people, I try to be the one who is the nice one, and usually tip decently.

    Remember, always be nice to the people responsible for getting your food to you. If you don’t know why, watch Waiting. 🙂

    • kristiane says:

      Y’know. In all my years in the food industry, I have never seen anyone do something disgusting with an unruly customer’s food. Maybe I am in the minority, but I just don’t think it happens very often.

      My point to this whole rant was that I became over-the-top angry at the number of situations in my life, in work and out, where people are purposefully making others suffer because of small details.

      • Jason says:

        I never did anything to anyone’s food no matter what. I believe in karma, so I wouldn’t mess with someone’s food. I’m not saying that I haven’t seen it done before though. And you have the right to feel that way. Some people just don’t think, and if they do, they think they’re better than everyone else.

  3. Amy says:

    Was it the “NO WAY!” tip lady by any chance? Or possibly my step-mom? Either way…they can suck it.

  4. DJ D says:

    Amen sister, to all of that. Speaking as someone who spent years working as a server at a bunch of different places, I learned to treat my waitress/waiter well. I’m an amazing tipper now because of it. But like you said (and I deal with some of this in my job now), there are some people who just cannot or will not be happy no matter what. Just pick, pick, pick. Unfortunately I’m related to a few of them and they drain my energy every time I’m around them.

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