Happy 3rd Birthday Pilver!

As we were driving to the store today to get the requisite birthday cake…for a website…The Max asked me, “What is the Pilver about?”

“It’s mostly about you.”  I responded.

“Oh, yeah right mom!” He sassed back at me.

Someday he is going to know.

Three years.  For three years I have been typing nonsense and sometimes emotional feelings on the internet.  Each year I feel as though I go through more in my personal life and begin sharing less.  This year I had more heartbreak and love than any other in my life before.  I gained more and I lost more.  Somehow I finally feel as though THIS year things are going to become stable and non-nomatic, something I have wished for since I was fifteen years old.

That sounds like a lot of boring blogs.  But I am still going to write.  Not because I will have fascinating stories, not because I think people are reading this, but because it’s pretty cool to look back over everything I’ve written and see where I have been.  Very rarely do I read over my old posts, but when I do I usually end up wasting a few hours and crying my eyes dry. I also think, “I should really spend more time editing.”

Well, I got the cake.  Unlike the previous years, I forgot a candle.  Whoops.

To those of you who read and comment, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Here’s links to the previous years:

First Birthday

Second Birthday

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11 Responses to Happy 3rd Birthday Pilver!

  1. Amy says:

    Hard to believe it’s been 3 years of all this! Congratulations, seriously. When the rest of use flake out, we can always rely on you to have something great to tell us. You are not allowed to quit.

    That frosting looks amazing.

  2. zenestex says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Blog I Just Found Last Week!

  3. Guise says:

    Didja sing to the blog? Ha, I know you did!

    Happy bloggy birthday, KB, and congratulations!

  4. Jason says:

    Happy birthday The Pilver! Three years? Wow! Keep the good posts coming, and here’s to 3 more years of Pilvery goodness!! 🙂

  5. Will says:

    Happy late birthday! Your anniversary reminded me of mine. Thank you for the inspiration to switch and make VeggieMacabre. 🙂

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