Farmville is not like actual farming.

Months before The Max and I left Minnesota, he begged me to start a farmville account on my facebook page.  Reluctantly I did, and within a week I was hooked.  I wanted to build the biggest farm with the best buildings and the most coins and crops.   I didn’t want  The Max to touch my game because I wanted to make sure I had the greatest yield and bought only the best items. It shocked me that I thought it was a good time, because for a long time I hated all the farmville posts in the facebook feed.  I despised them.  But I became one of the followers.

Now, I don’t have internet speed great enough to click on the darn plots over and over.  (There was a whole lot of clicking in farmville.)  I don’t miss that.  Also, I have a real farm.  I hobby farm, if you will.  I work about 30-35 hours a week at the restaurant.  And I work on the farm more than that. It’s very hard.  It’s also a blast.

I have been meaning to do a garden blog for some time now, with pictures showing the status of the crops.  Well, I am a bit too late to show everything.  We are already eating plenty of veggies that were in seed packets a few months ago.

I don’t miss farmville.  It’s more fun to harvest real crops.  Except in farmville I had a tractor.  I don’t have one now, and it would sure make things easier.

I never in my life imagined I would want a tractor.

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2 Responses to Farmville is not like actual farming.

  1. Jeff says:

    I certainly hope you and your tractor find each other. LOL.

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