Candwich Weirds Me Out

While reading a news site on the internet, I came across some sort of scandal regarding a new product called Candwich.  I skimmed over the article, because I needed to see where I could buy and experience a sandwich from a can first hand.  Turns out I cannot.   The product has not even been released yet.  I can’ tell you anything about the scandal, as I was bored of it before I found anything out.

Bottom line:  Candwich, don’t break any more laws.  Turn over a new leaf.  I need to hear the sound it makes when I open one of you.  I’m putting it on my non-existent until now bucket list.

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8 Responses to Candwich Weirds Me Out

  1. Hey, I blogged about it, too! AND it seems that I’m the first google hit for it! Mission Complete 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    I wish a candwich was a candy sandwich and not a sandwich in a can.

  3. Tresjolie9 says:

    Wow, that looks, interesting in a Cheeseburger in a can meets Uncrustables kind of way!

  4. DJ D says:

    Now there’s a taste-test vlog I’d like to see.

    BBQ Chicken??? Really???

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