My first dog.

I had the opportunity to get the heck out of town this weekend.  I had the 4th of July off of work, and we went camping the night before and the night of the holiday.    On our way to the wilderness we stopped at a family member’s house, who had a cute and really skinny dog roaming around.   Turns out the neighbors had rescued it from the middle of the woods.  I commented on how I should take her home, and left it at that.  The next day as we stopped by the same family member’s home, the neighbors asked if we wanted to take the dog.

So, though I inherited a dog when I moved here to Washington, I know have my first dog.  She’s remarkably obedient, for a supposed stray.  I wanted to name her Blanche after Rue McClanahan’s character in the Golden Girls.  But I was outvoted.   So her name is Anoka Rose.  Anoka for the city I just moved from and Rose after Betty White’s character on the GG.

I like her.  She’s sweet.  She also tore up all the trash bags in the carport.  Soon she will be sweet and less of a slob.

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4 Responses to My first dog.

  1. Sarah says:

    Let’s hike our dogs up your hill this weekend!

  2. Sarah says:

    We could just leave early in the morn’

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