Encino Man 101

Yesterday at work, I asked a cook why we were using a different cheese on the antipasto platters.  His response was, “The cheese was old and moldy.”  Like any good person of my generation I began spitting out other lines from Encino Man.  Sadly, my  twenty-one year old co-worker was lost as to the reference.

Therefore, I told them I would bring in my laptop and my copy of Encino Man on DVD for educational  viewing purposes.  I mentioned this with our boss present, there was no protest made.  So, I am hoping the background noise at work today will not be a Pandora techno station as usual, but instead some juice wheezing  and good old fashioned teen comedy.

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6 Responses to Encino Man 101

  1. DJ D says:

    Oh, the days when we actually thought Pauly Shore was funny.

    I went to a trivia night a few years ago with some co-workers after work. We came in late but decided to join the game anyway. Our team name was “The Dishes Are Done, Man!” Only 2 or 3 other people in the bar got the reference. Buncha younguns. Joke’s on them though, cause the “The Dishes” won.

  2. Jason says:

    “Rad Mobile.”
    “Weezin’ the juh-uice!”
    DJ D-Pauly Shore was funny. Just not anymore. Movies like these are still great(Bio-Dome, anyone?), but I don’t think I could stomache a new Pauly Shore movie.

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