7 Pounds

Over a year and a half ago now, I wrote about a struggle I had been having to gain weight. Let me start by saying, that this is a topic that does not receive hardly any attention.  I’m not trying to attention whore here, but having a problem gaining weight, is not something you seem to be able to talk about with many people.  It’s also somewhat humiliating.  Fact is, most people are talking about losing pounds.

I was put on a three thousand calorie a day diet by my doctor and realized that I had previously probably only consumed 1500-2000 daily.  That would have been a fine amount for someone my size, but I never sit still at work OR at home.   I have a nervous demeanor and my family is naturally petite. Eating an adequate amount was proving to be not enough. Then, the task of writing down every damn thing I ate made eating a chore. I actually began to eat less than before. Six months after I wrote that post, I was seven pounds lighter.  I was thin to begin with, but this was disgusting.  I thought I looked disgusting.   Last August I saw a picture of myself in a bikini during a vacation. It was not pleasant. At this point, I had a mental block with consuming calories.  Eating was so unenjoyable and it seemed as though no matter what I consumed I was only going to become smaller and smaller.  I’d look at girls with nice thick muscular arms or legs and grow insanely jealous that I couldn’t get them myself.

But…I am happy to say I am up thirteen pounds and only have seven to go.  I credit most of this to not working very much for three months.  However as of this week I work at least five and up to seven days per week.  So, it’s time to stock up on the avocados and ice cream.  I am determined to get to my goal weight and never ever again have someone tell me, “I wish I had your problem.”  Believe me, it’s not a problem you want to have.

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10 Responses to 7 Pounds

  1. Amyt says:

    On behalf of jealous chubby girls everywhere, I apologize. Some things, I’ve found, that help with weight gain:

    1) Try to lose weight. I swear this will make you gain it.

    2) Quit smoking and then put everything BUT ciggies in your mouth. Foods, I mean.

    3) Drumsticks/Generic Sundae cones, the ones with fudge in the bottom of the cone. Esp if you’re the only one in the house that likes them.

  2. Melissa says:

    Hi Kristiane,
    Way to go!! Either way, whether you are trying to lose or gain, it’s hard. I happen to love food and cooking and all of that. And that’s. What is actualy making me lose weight, but my mentality has changes about it. Now I see good food (I.e organic produce, wild caught fish, whole grains) as 1st a way to fuel my body and secondly, enjoyable and tasty because it’s food as God intended. I.e. I don’t see no Twinkie trees anywhere. ;). I encourage you to keep up the good fats like acocadoes and nuts, trail mix. They are. High calorie and healthy. I think you do a veggie garden too, right? Eat all natural as much as possible. And the key to muscle gain is protein, protein, protein!!! I’m such a protein fiend that I usually bring a little lunch cooler with it, like string cheese, Greek yogurt (awesome source of protein) and deli meats (without nitrates) oh protein power bars are high calorie and you can get all natural. Avoid the fake sugars at all costs. Good luck! Keep it up!

    • kristiane says:

      Yes, we have a garden and we have already been able to make baby green salads this year. Have you read The Maker’s Diet? You should. I have a really hard time now eating anything processed…except Mt Dew. But, it’s so rare now that I eat white flour that when I do I get a sick stomach. I have a good friend who’s a personal trainer and she has helped me with the protein thing.

      • Melissa says:

        That is awesome. Yes. I really like that book. The only thing I don’t “buy” is the “Don’t eat shellfish bit”. I don’t know how much behind that part is science and how much of it is Jewish law/custom. And well, I love shellfish and I’m not willing to give them up. 😉 keep it up!!!!

  3. amylee says:

    I’m glad you blogged about this! I have been in a situation where I needed to gain weight and it can be scary and frustrating and NO ONE wants to hear about it. So, you have my empathy. It’s just not fair that people can go on and on and on about weight watcher points but you get evil death glares from people if you mention you’re trying to put on a few pounds.

  4. Shellie says:

    What a frustrating process….. No matter what the weight issue, it is not always easy to fix…. Way to go on the gain though! Melissa gave you alot of good food info for sure! Stick with whatever you have been doing, it seems to be working for you and good luck with the last few pounds! Happy Eating!

  5. hey whats your myspace page.

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