Light up, light up.

I’m not a huge fan of Snow Patrol.  They’re fine and all.  But play this song in my presence and I will bawl for an hour.  I need to take it out of my iPod. I just cannot, yet.

I want a drink, and there’s none here.

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killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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2 Responses to Light up, light up.

  1. amylee says:

    Hi – I started following your blog from tg’s blogroll – starting with the post “Tim Gage was a friend of mine” – which I thought was a lovely tribute. I was just now thinking that I missed him and saw your latest post. 😦 I wish I could send you some booze! I really enjoy your blog — it sits next to This is Where Your Free Time Goes to Die on my iGoogle home page. Thanks for writing and sharing your musings, wildlife adventures, and even your grief with us all. You certainly are not alone.

    • kristiane says:

      Thanks very much for your comment. It makes me happy that you knew what it was about. I don’t have anyone I am close to that knew him, so hearing others’ talk about Tim really helps. Thanks.

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