Spring, said repeatedly, sounds weird.

Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring. Spring.

See what I mean?

I realize the season is going on one month, but it is finally beginning to warm up a bit.  The mountain tops are losing their whiteness and the hillside behind the log house I live in is turning the most fabulous colors with grass, shrubs and wildflowers.  It feels like spring.

I’m terrible at keeping secrets, and one of mine is that I get angry at the start of spring.  I love frigid weather.  Snow warms my little heart. All the greatest holidays take place in the fall and winter.  So, here’s my annual “cheer me up” blog to assist me in embracing the warm months.  These are the things I will love about Spring, 2010:


The 2010 season brought a brand new stadium to the most wonderful team in the MLB.  Also, an eight year deal for the most wonderful player, Joe Mauer.  This is bitter sweet, as I now live 1700 miles away from the new stadium and watching games is something I cannot do without a decent internet connection and 24.99/month subscription.  Instead, I sit on the mountain where I get cell service and utilize MLB At Bat Lite (the free version) and watch as the balls, strikes, and outs are recorded in emotionless fashion on an iPhone screen.  ‘Tis a good year to be a Twins fan, I believe.


Not today, but soon.  This is the lake that I live down the road from…well, about seven miles down the road.  The water is blue and clean and cool.  It’s snowy in the winter, but summer is a different beast.   It’s a desert by all definitions.  There’s dust and tumbleweeds and temps well into the hundreds for a couple months each year.  Jumping off the rocky edges of the shore will be my favorite daily activity.  I still cannot believe I live HERE.

April Rayne

Yes, I spelled that right.  This is a plug for a blog written by tg’s sister.  The Real April Rayne. She’s twenty-one next week, so swing by and wish her a happy birthday.  April is going through a life storm right now, and expressing it with some beautiful words.


That’s my future supper.  Yesterday, we set up the coop for the new chickens and loaded them inside.  The Max named a few of them as well, Fat Boy, Smalls, Short Neck…though I wonder if he is keeping them straight.  He was told to think of them instead as, ala king, cordon blue, and BBQ.  I don’t want to traumatize the boy when he realizes he’s eating his pets.

I’ll do my best to forget about the pollen and the heat and instead focus on flowers and not having to chip ice of the windshield.  Welcome to the season readers!

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7 Responses to Spring, said repeatedly, sounds weird.

  1. Guise says:

    Aw, those chicks look like little fuzzy mcnuggets. Nom nom nom.

  2. Amy says:

    As much as I love chicken strips, I’m not sure I could do it. Maybe if I covered my eyes every time I was around them so I couldn’t differentiate and learn their personalities… My sister has a cockatiel and he’s pretty intelligent. Chickens are stupid though. Right? How do you kill them? Do you chop their heads off on a stump? I don’t think I could pull the feathers out either. Is it like pulling weeds? I am freaking myself out now. I need answers!

  3. DJ D says:

    Is it hard to pull the feathers out? I would think it would be as hard as pulling out hair, but I’m a suburbs mouse, not a country mouse, so what do I know? Is it also true they run around after you kill them?

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