Rabbit Stew

My sister completely anonymous friend called me yesterday and told me a story about my niece a random child that neither of us know.   It was a funny bit, and I told her I needed her to email me the picture that went with the story, cause I wanted to blog about it.  Somehow, this person must think I am wildly popular, because she made me promise to leave out names and specifics of location.  Little does she know that the three people who read this blog are too lazy to cyber stalk my family members.

This is a random child:


She’s six years old, loves the color pink and somehow has developed an accent similar to the assistant coach from that Adam Sandler movie, The Waterboy.  She’s the sort of child you want to follow around and observe, because you know that she is going to say something funny at any given moment.  When I call their house, and she answers the phone, I’ll ask what her mom is doing.  The response is always a literal play-by-play of what her mother (a housewife of four and full time college student) happens to be in the midst of at that very second.

Well, in the first grade there is a ‘child of the day’.  On your day you get to write what you like about that day or week.  In addition, you are allowed to draw a picture of yourself doing what it was that you liked.  Look at the newsletter that was sent home last week.  (I blocked out her name, because as I said, my sister thinks people may actually read this)


They grow up so fast.

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7 Responses to Rabbit Stew

  1. Guise says:

    From what I hear, the newsletter was re-released afterwards to show that the bunny shot first.

    That’s just a wonderful mix of wanting to go Awwwww very softly and yelling “High Five!!”

  2. Greg says:

    Oh damn . . . This is so, so funny! The drawing just kills me.

  3. Amy says:

    Did she really go camping and shoot a bunny?

  4. kittymao says:

    I have a feeling my godson is going to be one of those kids…
    Right now he’s only two, and he has a sour scowl that will kill you.

  5. Libertybell76 says:

    Thanks for keeping it anonymous. I really appreciate that. You are so kind. And no. No one will put this baby in the corner. She’s packin’.

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