Creed has reunited.

“I wouldn’t call it a reunion,” says singer Scott Stapp. “It’s a renewing and a rebirth. I missed my boys and wanted to create music with them again. We’re all thrilled to have a second chance to make a first impression.”


Creed are one of those bands that people love to hate.  I too enjoy hating them.   I’m wondering why people form this opinion of certain areas in pop culture.  Is it that a particular actor, band, movie, etc. becomes so popular so quick followed by the realization from many that they aren’t THAT talented?  At the same time other people will still find the  phenomenon wonderful.

In all truth, I don’t actually HATE Creed.  I don’t want to listen to them…ever.  I especially don’t want to hear that one song again.

I have compiled a list of things I love to hate.   This has nothing to do with popular opinion.

CSI: Miami

CSI miami

David Caruso, you are hilarious.  I am not sure that’s your goal.   I hate your show because of the level of ridiculousness in it.  I love to watch it, whenever I can find it on TV late at night. When you take off those sunglasses and recite the one line they allow you every five minutes it allows me to think of fabulous drinking games that could be associated with your show.

Bob Marley


Bob Marley is not a bad guy.  He made great music.  I hope I never hear any of that music again.   In my college years, every person I knew had plenty of Bob Marley playing at all times.  Someone at work keeps putting a Marley CD into the mix and I think I have heard I Shot the Sheriff 385 times this week.  Enough.

Celeb-Realty Shows


Honestly…HONESTLY, I have not watched any of these in a long long time.   I googled “Celebrity Reality Shows” and these two came people showed more than any others.  I know I have seen them plenty in my weekly visits to buy People  Magazine, but I don’t know what they are from. This makes me feel out of the loop.  I was addicted to the first season of  The Osbornes.  After that it was as though every person who was somewhat famous felt the world would like to watch them make coffee and read the paper.    I did watch part of an episode of Rock of Love a few months back.  It was strange multiplied by a million.  I love to hate these without any real knowledge of them.



I sign on at least twice a day.  I love keeping in touch with people.  I actually love loving facebook.

I hate listening to people complain via their status updates.  But I have started to “hide” those people. Life sucks some times, but when that’s all you have to talk about you need to maybe find a better (possibly professional) outlet for your whining.  To me, social networking sites, such as this are for fun.

Diet Soda

diet coke

I hate diet soda.  It does not taste good.  It is a result of a many lab experiments.  People who drink it at restaurants are obsessive.  No one who starts to drink it seems to lose weight because of this and this alone.  Also, REAL Coke tastes so good with my popcorn and Jr. Mints at the theater.

People with MASSIVE sport utility vehicles who do not fill them with people.


I won’t expand.

Will Ferrell


OK, I did like Stranger than Fiction. The person who did the set design in that film (Ford Wheeler who also did Kids) is a large part of  my admiration for the film, but Will was alright in it as well.  It ‘s a good movie.  I just don’t think Will Ferrell is funny.  He has been the worst part of a lot of films.

I’m sure I missed one or more.  But now I am going to stop.  What do YOU love to hate?

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24 Responses to Love/Hate

  1. Jeff says:

    Rosie O’Donnell.

  2. Hazard says:

    Flickering lights.

  3. Amy says:

    John Mayer. It’s become unfortunate, because I used to love to love him. Seven years ago he was a cute boy with some college tunes. Now though, King of the Douches.

    I will acknowledge your distaste for Bob and Will, but…. I’ve forgiven them both for some miscues since they gave me Redemption Song and Elf.

    • kristiane says:

      True Story: Almost eight years ago, I had tickets to see John Mayer at a bar in Seattle…Then I went and gave birth to Max three and a half weeks early. My ex-husband actually DID go (with my blessing, Max was a few days old I think) and there were only like 30-40 people in the bar, And Mr. Mayer sat and talked to the audience like they were like they were all friends. A few months later I did end up seeing him in a crowd of about 4,000. And I agree with your assessment of him now.

  4. Hey, I just noticed the layout’s back to the old one!

    I don’t have many things that I have a Love/Hate relationship with besides Facebook and my addiction to the internet.

  5. Michele says:

    -Hate – Will Farrell. Not funny… ever.
    -Would love to smack the sunglasses off of David Caruso. And can’t he ever stand forward and look at someone head on? seriously!
    -Celeb-reality shows – I refuse to watch, it’s too painful.

  6. kittymao says:

    hm. I love to hate the Detroit Red Wings.
    And the Dallas Cowboys.

    Uhm… and Popcorn.
    I hate popcorn.
    Always gets stuck in my teeth and doesn’t have any like…
    It’s not real food.

  7. DJ D says:

    I agree with all of this. Mine would be Shia LaBoef and Seth Rogan, only there’s no love involved in any of it, because that would imply it was at least a little fun or funny. I just really wish they would both go away.

    To a lesser extent I would put Twitter on that list. I’ve never seen a Twitter, I’ve never written one, hell, I hardly even know what it is. All I know is I’m sick of hearing about it, and I wish people would stop bugging me to join up and do it. I’m already suckered into MySpace and Facebook, and I’ve told my friends that the idea of updating people on what I’m doing every other second sounds pretty ridiculous to me…and no, I don’t want to read theirs either.

    On the subject of trashy reality shows, I rarely get sucked into them but I did watch the first season of Rock of Love, but only because I kind of know one of the girls that was on there–the crazy redhead named Lacy. I knew her years ago though, long before all that stuff, because I booked her band to play some shows in town, and have interviewed them on my radio show. After their last gig here, they actually crashed at my place and she slept on my couch. She’s actually nothing like she was on that show. In real life she’s a really sweet, soft spoken chick. All that Rock of Love crap was just her trying to get attention to promote her band. I think it was all just an act.

  8. Thom says:

    I am cynical and I hate everything.

  9. Anna says:

    I like Thom’s answer the best 🙂

  10. hanif says:

    bob marley oke banyak yg meneruskan alunan musik rege mu di indonesia.i love you bob marley

  11. John says:

    F*** you! Bob Marley was an amazing person his music continues to influence and inspire people today. His music is amazing and he believed in anti-slavery and freedom. So even if you did hear that song 385 times, it won’t kill you to hear it 386 times so don’t hate on Bob Marley he was and amazing person! I love you BM

    RIP Bob Marley

  12. SUMMER says:


  13. Marisa says:


    I love that photo of Will Ferrell. Please let me know where you found it!!??

    Totally agree with you about the SUV’s 😉

  14. Becca says:

    Creed united once again… a breath of fresh air. I’ve longed for this and now I will let their music once again calm and entertain me. Six feet from the edge to Over come I am a fan and always will be. I Love to love them there is no hate here. -Rock Till Death-

  15. hetem says:

    qka ka bre qyky shum i qarttt aaaaa??????

  16. Sahana says:

    I love to hate Family Guy and that other stupid azz cartoon, King of the Hill.

    OMG, True Blood…those dam hillbilly vampires and Snookie make me so angry for being so country.

    I love to hate Smallville because it has become rather dumb. Use to be really good, yet I still watch it.

    I agree about the diet sodas…just nasty.

    I love to hate Walmart and all the f***ing shoppers in my freakin way all the dam time. But I’m always in there.

    Last, I really love to hate soccer moms.

  17. meima says:


  18. Jason says:

    Have you seen Anchorman?! That is Will Ferrell at his best.

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