Recently, I was visiting Billy at veggemacabre. He was posting old cell pics and I thought, “HEY! I’m gonna do that too.”   I actually posted on his blog that I was going to do that.   Recently I got a new phone, dumped all the old pics onto my laptop, where they will sit unused and unlooked at for a long time. So, here is a perfect way to display some pointless pictures and make an easy post.


There is a good story behind the many straws in this drink.  The drink was not mine.  It was not anyone’s I was with.  It was not anyone’s I knew.  But I did put the straws there.  The unknowing straw receiver drank out of the glass with foreign straws.  He may have used MY straw.  Ew.


A year ago, to the date, I was on vacation.  I was driving through Idaho, and spotted Chocodiles.  I’d never had any, but apparently they are rare and mysterious.  So  I bought all of them.  Spell check is having a heyday over the word “Chocodiles”.


I was at a bowling alley with friends one time in a funny little town.  Someone in this bowling alley in this funny little town thought it necessary to make sure no one else watered this plant.

Sometimes, at work, we get food made for us.  Like tater-tots.


Once in awhile, I dye my hair or parts of my hair pink.  I think Max was four when he saw me do it for the first time, and then snuck into the bathroom and copied me.


When I decided to move to my last place, I fell in love with the front door even before I took a step inside.  Yup, 1108 Grand.

That was kinda weird.  I’m not sure I like this post, but I am hitting “Publish” anyhow.  I’m heading out of town this weekend, to a place with no phones, no internet, no nothing.  Hopefully I will remember to charge up my real camera  before I leave 🙂

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8 Responses to Copycat

  1. I’ve got plenty of strange pics on my phone, I just need to invest in a miniSD card. 😦

  2. Hazard says:


  3. kittymao says:

    Sigh, the days of working as a waitress-

    “here, eat this.”
    what’s wrog with it?
    “I fucked up- BLT’S don’t get cheese.”
    *nom nom nom*

  4. Will says:

    I will send you Chocoldiles

  5. Will says:

    Added an extra “L”.

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