Rice Nog

I’m no vegan. I’m nothing close to a vegetarian. I’m a carnivorous butcher’s daughter who pesters her friends who hunt for tastes of their recent kills. I do however like to eat foods that can be considered healthy. I like to roam the organic aisle of the grocery stores and recently bought a membership to the local co-op. Today as I was looking for some form of supper that my son would eat that was indeed not of the Hamburger Helper variety, something jumped off the shelf and into my little red handbasket. Rice Nog.


It sounded awful, but I had to try it. I don’t really like rice milk, I’ll drink it in a latte at times, but as far as using it to dunk cookies in-No thanks.


I am not fond of the color of this product. It’s almost gray. I am also not a fan of the taste. It tastes like rice milk, with artificial egg nog flavoring added…which is probably just what it is. Certainly not the most offensive thing I have ever tasted, but I am not going to be buying more either. I’m not even going to walk by it at the store again.  From now on, I only drink the nog from the cow.

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14 Responses to Rice Nog

  1. roo says:

    rice nog is nasty. Actually anything by ‘rice’ is gross, if you ask me.

    Silk nog however is awesome. I don’t like silk, or soymilk for that matter. But silk nog rocks.

  2. kristiane says:

    If i ever decide to become an MC, I may go with MC Silk Nog.

  3. essaytch says:

    I generally make it a habit to not drink gray things, Nog or not. Looks to much like liquified brains.

    Now, if I were a ZOMBIE…..

  4. Amy says:

    It looks like vanilla Ensure. Ew. You’re a brave gal.

  5. Ally says:

    just feed it to max he’ll drink it

  6. kristiane says:

    Ally- Max actually DID drink it an I told him it was just egg nog…and he told me it tasted like soy milk…close enough.

  7. Rice Egg Nog? 3 Words I thought I’d never read together…

  8. DJ D says:

    Gotta say I’ve never tried this one. I’m not much for the nog anyway, and I KNOW I don’t do soymilk, so I’ll have to pass on this one.

  9. dailytri says:

    One word on all things nog. Ewwww.

  10. kristiane says:

    I ❤ eggnog. The normal middle American sort that’s full of sugar and preservatives that is.

  11. JV says:

    I tried a box of Rice Nog several days ago and I must say my only regret is not buying more. This stuff is incredible – Great Taste, low sugar, low sodium, no sat fat, no trans fat, no cholesterol, no soy, no lactose or dairy, (& no gluten – for those who are sensitive). And no I do not have vested interest or relation to Rice Dream.
    Honestly I’m bummed that I’m unable to find it again. If anyone knows where to find it in Quincy, MA please let me know.. (jvhealth@yahoo.com)

  12. Betty says:

    Ricenog is some really bad stuff, I travel all over the world and have tried a lot of different foods, this is among the lower two’s

  13. emily says:

    “I’m no vegan. I’m nothing close to a vegetarian. I’m a carnivorous butcher’s daughter who pesters her friends who hunt for tastes of their recent kills. ”

    You are a repulsive fat pig!

  14. Bananas8d says:

    Aw come on Emily, don’t go giving us vegans a bad name. Meat eaters aren’t going to stop being meat heads just because you call them fat pigs, that only makes them hate us more and take it out on the animals, and it’s not the animal’s fault.

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