Parent/Teacher Conference/Amusement

This week is the week where I got to see how far my precious snowflake absolute monkey has gone scholastically since the end of the last school year. I hate myself incredibly that I am not the mother in the classroom helping out or on the field trips counting heads. I work, and I work when school is in session so that I can have my nights and weekends free to try to tame the boy into a respectable young man. So, I grab my ‘mom jeans’ and the most boring blouse I can find out of my closet to compensate for the shocking pink hue that I colored my hair last week then drive over to the school to hear the news. I have to imagine that all parents feel this level of anxiety when they approach conferences. Do they? Do you? We get to sit in those molded plastic chairs mean to hold someone of 50 pounds. You are about to hear some possibly terrible news. And the refreshment table holds weak Folgers and a ninety-nine cent package of sandwich cookies of which you steal an extra three because lunch was skipped and dinner has not yet happened. The thing I worry about is not if my boy is smart. He is scary smart. I don’t wonder if he will be placed in the right reading group or math level, cause he is always in the top seat. I just want to know if The Max is driving the other kids or the teacher too far into the level of insanity that he does me.

I arrived and I got all the usual news. He is far ahead in reading. They would like to skip him a grade at least in math. His art teacher tells me his level of detail is remarkable. The head of the gifted and talented program says he is extremely bright. I know all these things already. I am not using this as a brag fest. (I mean, yes, I will brag…I HAVE A CRAZY SMART KID!!!)

Then we discuss his social skills. THIS is the part that I hate. Think about it. Even the so-so grade kids can go far in life if they have the kind of personality that makes them personable to the masses. Max is a nice kid, he really is. However, he has a tendincy to tell me about the adventures he has on the playground all alone, and that he never gets to sit with the same person two days in a row at lunch. At this point, being only in the first grade, I don’t know if that is a concern. He has had issues in the past with arguments (verbal) with other students that have usually been instigated by him. THIS is why I worry about conferences.

So, we finish going through his grades and test scores and move onto his attitude and social behavior. The teachers (he has two in his class) let me know that he is quick to “blurt out” but also quick to apologize. I guess that’s a good thing, the latter I mean. Then one speaks up, “And I am so glad that [the other teacher] is here in class with me, because his one liners are so hilarious. They are above the students heads so we get to laugh about them with each other.” My son is a comedian.

So, this was the greatest conference to date 🙂

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6 Responses to Parent/Teacher Conference/Amusement

  1. kristiane says:

    adding to that……….my hair is less than shocking, though it was. Now it is a pale pink being as it was a temp dye I will get my red back within a week. And the boy has friends, though I made it sound as though he is an absolute loner, he does socialize 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    your hair is pink from halloween, right? not just because.

    i vote for max to be a guest blogger sometime soon.

  3. kristiane says:

    My hair was pink because I had a third a jar of Manic Panic taking up space in my bathroom. Though sadly, it’s pretty much gone. I suppose it kinda went with my costume 🙂

  4. stephanie says:

    YAY Max!!!!!

    Let’s see some hair pics!

  5. kristiane says:

    haha…it’s on my Myspace.

  6. Bell says:

    I miss the little Max

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