The Nothing Post

I know it is very presumptuous to get online and say that you are sorry for not posting, as though there are those out there that sit and wait for words to pour out of your fingers and onto the computer screen. I am busy with school and work and…life. Max turns 7 this week. I promised my new boss that I would type up some stuff for him, which I have yet to do. I have to write a poem to be critiqued in class, which I just would rather eat my garbage than sit down and write. And so on.

Give me a week. I need it.

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killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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6 Responses to The Nothing Post

  1. stephanie says:

    i wait for you to post

  2. essaytch says:

    We’ll still be here…no worries my friend! 😉

  3. Amy says:

    give yourself some credit, there are PLENTY of us who do wait to read something new from you. but that doesn’t mean you owe it to us by any means.

    take a big long break. and hire someone to write your poem. ick.

  4. Bell says:

    I sit at wait to read the pilver. Gosh, are you calling me a looser now?

  5. Bell says:

    Hey, I’m glad you finally posted on MY blog. I like your rule by the way. It’s funny!


  6. Michael says:

    What?! Take a break!?

    Are you crazy!? I hope you’re not and you’re writing a post as I type this…

    Psh…”Give me a week”…yeah…

    haha…of course I’m kidding. Even though I never ever take breaks in my blogging.

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