Student gets suspended…again

I went to a gaggle of schools growing up. Some with dress codes so strict that if your skirt wasn’t long enough you were assigned an “office skirt” which would surely hang to the floor. Others so lenient that belly-baring tees and mohawks were not at all frowned upon. One thing was constant, if you broke dress code you were asked to change to conform or get out.

I fully understand the desire to appear different from the crowd. I dyed my hair blue in a sink of hot super strong Kool-Aid when I was 15 thinking I would be awesome. And I would havebeen, if I could have figured out how to get the color to last past one shampoo.

Thing is here, the girl broke the vague rules and is willing to not go to school in order to make the school change the nature of how they write the dress code. She is obviously a revolutionary.

But the true question that I have for CNN is this: Why do you keep repeating this story with a different ‘A’ student and a different superficial dress code violation every school year?

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6 Responses to Student gets suspended…again

  1. dohopoki says:

    An even better question is, what was with those wacky locker locks? The students can’t express themselves through hair color but locks are go nuts territory?

  2. kristiane says:

    She could get a pink cancer lock, problem solved.

  3. DC says:

    I love how the principal says he doesn’t want any one person to get more attention than the others…yeah, because going on CNN to talk about this girl will divert the attention from her….geez.

  4. sarah says:

    This makes me want to dye my hair blue again. I agree with DC; going on CNN is a fabulous way to keep attention of any specific students.

  5. Bell says:

    Come over and we’ll color our hair. It’s a fun fall activity!

  6. kristiane says:

    I have hot pink. Let’s do it.

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