Search Result of the Day:

“Why did my boyfriend call after a decade?”

Yes, someone searched for it, and ended up here of all places. Answer: because he was drunk.

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killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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7 Responses to Search Result of the Day:

  1. dohopoki says:

    Well, thanks for the honest answer at least.

  2. Clearly you are the true internet oracle. Your powers of long-distance deduction are unprecedented and bordering on the miraculous!

    I really hope she (or he) found the insights she (or he) was looking for in your archives. Barring that, I hope she (or he) comes back here to read The Truth ™.

  3. JoshC says:

    One of my searches from a couple of weeks ago was “the pilver”.

  4. JoshC says:

    On my blog I mean, I know where your blog is.

  5. Amy says:

    no, it’s because he NEVER STOPPED LOVING ME. you never liked him, so i don’t expect you to understand.

  6. kristiane says:

    JoshC- I am kinda surprised how many times I get ‘the pilver’, flattered, I guess, but surprised

  7. mklasing says:

    I think the answer is because he is bored and horny–but I’m just a guy, I could be wrong about that. 😉

    Hope you have had an amazing summer!

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