Top 7 Sevens

6. Magnificent 7- The Clash

The Clash decided to rap, I love it.

5. Saturday

Previous to the job I hold now, Friday has been my favorite day of the week. However, now, I work with many people who work on the weekends as well and the spirit of Friday does not permiate throughout the hearts of everyone there. So, not Saturday is my favorite day. There was a good night before and a good day ahead.

4. 7-Up

I don’t drink this soda often. I bet not in a year or better. Since Sierra Mist seems to be taking over 7-Up at the fountains, I just never see it. But they had a dot as their mascot, that’s spectacular.

3. 7 Dwarfs

Would we call them the seven little people in 2008?

2. Joe Mauer

Probably the last #7 for the Twins, as I am sure they will retire his number. They overplayed this commercial here In Minnesota for a year.

1. 7-eleven

Probably my favorite logo is 7-11’s. When I was in high school I bought empty gulp cups from the 16 oz. gulp all the way to the 64 oz. double gulp. with these cups I made a mobile that hung from the ceiling of my bedroom. The mobile hung for maybe half an hour after I left for college and has not been seen since my mother stomped it to the floor and burned it. I’d make another, but the nearest store is in Chicago.

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11 Responses to Top 7 Sevens

  1. Saint says:

    Okay, I’ll bite. Why only 6 items in the “Top 7”? Do we each get to pick our own #7? If so, I choose se7en, an incredible movie about the 7 deadly sins plus something special in a box…

  2. tg says:

    You have a list of top “7s”, and yet there are only six entries. Wha–?!?!

    I think my brain just imploded.

  3. kristiane says:

    If there was a 7th seven, imagine the catastrophe I would be responsible for. I don’t need to be blamed for that. It’d be like a second Big Bang.

  4. dohopoki says:

    The Uncola sounds dangerously close to uncool. Who thought that slogan up, Barney Rubble? From the Flintstones. Cause a cartoon character shouldn’t make slogans if they did in fact use him.

  5. kristiane says:

    It was actually Bam-Bam, and considering he’s not only a cave man, but a baby cave man I think you ought to cut him a little slack. 😀

  6. joey says:

    Are you sure you were 13 in 1992 in the Twin Cities?! If so, I’m pretty sure the missing seven is 7.

  7. dohopoki says:

    I’m the top 7th comment.

  8. kristiane says:

    Joe, you win. My goodness that was a good year.

  9. Amy says:

    O. M. G. Prince. we all know how i feel about that little man.

    i love how the link suggests that if you like Prince, you may also like lords of acid.

  10. St.Fallen says:

    I got a 7 shaved into the back of my head 😀

  11. Ally says:

    my apartment number is 711
    are you jealous kris?

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