Pink is For Girls

Awhile before today I wrote about my love for vintage advertisements. I am not speaking of those types you find blown up and made into posters that you can buy at Pottery Barn, though I enjoy those too. I more specifically like the ones made when sexism and political correctness did not have a presence in the minds of those who came up with ad campaigns. Here is another of those ads:

This ad is hanging on the wall of my prodominately pink bathroom. I don’t hate pink by any means, but I was a bit set off at the bathroom. It is tiled mostly pink with a bit of black. Placed there, I believe, when the building was built in 264BC.

This lady is obviously feminine, for she chose the most feminine color of shampoos. I assume then that Selsun Blue must be for men. Here is all that jazz at the bottom in larger print for you old folks who remember this ad when it was in your McCalls circa 1969.

I am indeed a girl. So yes, I must find this. My hair will exude wealth and he’ll notice the pink. It’s a win-win.

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17 Responses to Pink is For Girls

  1. Amy says:

    i’m afraid to ask…what is a “pink” fragrance?

  2. kristiane says:

    Amy- I think it’s the same as pink otter pops…groan, that was cheesy.

  3. squee4242 says:

    She’s so modern, she’s got a phone in the bathroom, but she’s still taking a bath in a barrel. That’s odd. I like her hair though.

  4. dohopoki says:


  5. Greg says:

    That picture reminds me of Petticoat Junction.

  6. Taoist Biker says:

    If you like vintage ads, surely you as a Minnesotan have heard of Jim Lileks’ “Institute of Official Cheer?”

  7. kristiane says:

    taoist- yes. lileks is my hero.

  8. Billy says:

    Wow, that is a touch tone phone too.
    “….your whole head becomes one great swirl of whipped-cream lather.” Wow, advertisements have come a long way.

    Two wows in on reply. That’s the sign of a great post.

  9. kittymao says:

    I can’t see’um. poopiedoodles.

  10. So…apparently I have a dirty mind. I look at the picture and I see LUST-re Creme, and Pink is for Girls…and I’m trying to figure out when Lesbians go their own line of shampoo (not that I object to that).

    This is what happens when you listen to Areosmith while surfing the blog-o-sphere…

    …mmmmm PINK, it’s my new obsession…

  11. DJ D says:

    Petticoat! Junction!

  12. kristiane says:

    taoist- I have been reading him since I moved back here in ’04, he is in my top 3 favorite writers of all time. I basically want to be him.

  13. kittymao says:

    Ohh, I see the pix now. how blinking cyoot!

  14. mklasing says:

    My shampoo is green so I guess I’m a raging environmentalist. Ha ha ha ha ha–I cracked myself up.

    Have a great 4th Kris! I’m starting to move up slowly on Mob Wars–I’ll work on it more this weekend.


  15. thereticentbutterfly says:

    I like those old sexist posters too – and they are plenty of them in the military world. My favorite is the pic of the girl in crackerjacks with the caption “Gee!! I wish I were a man. I’d join the Navy.” I have it hanging over my desk 😀

  16. 50s Pam says:

    Pink is wonderful. You might like my newest blog, .

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