Sifl And Olly

Do you trust me? Have any faith in me whatsoever? Then please take the time to read this and view these videos. Sometimes I see a post on a blog that I read and it is full of youtube videos and the ants in my pants tell me to skim and move on. If you do that as well, don’t do that with this one. If you hate me at the end you are free to short sheet my bed. Thanks.

In 1997 MTV was at the tail end of changing over from being a music video cable television station into pure crap. During the end of the transition they aired for two years The Sifl and Olly Show. Sifl and Olly were two sock puppets that hosted a show with sock puppet friends and listener call-ins. I have a hard time explaining this show, so if you really want to learn the premise, GO HERE. Apparently there are still dedicated fans out there that are screaming at MTV to bring it back. But alas, MTV is too busy filming The Real World Timbuktu to take time and listen.

I adored the show and watched it faithfully. Today I was thinking about it as I had discussed it with a co-worker and of course I was able to find it in the all knowing and wise Land of YouTube.

Please watch and enjoy.

This answers many questions I had as a child

I like that they create facial expressions with socks.

Look for the Altoid lunch box.

See, that was fun! Go search Siffl and Olly on YouTube, there’s a ton more.


Strange Search of the Day! (I’m gonna post these cause they are fun for you and funner for me- I get to see what people search to come to The Pilver, and sometimes they are so absurd I need to share them)

“people do win the lottery why not me?”

This means that someone thought they deserved to win the lottery, but in reality only I deserve to win.

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9 Responses to Sifl And Olly

  1. JoshC says:

    Siffl and oily now has a new fan!
    I didnt get MTV around here growing up so I missed it when it still played music.

  2. kristiane says:

    haha, good, I am glad someone enjoyed them.

    I started watching at the tail end of when MTV mattered. Not even MTV2 or Vh1 classics is doing there part these days.

  3. Dan says:

    You know I vaguely remember these gus but dont think I ever watched them. Like Josh I may have to scour YouTube to see what I can find.

  4. jimsey says:

    “united states of whatever” done through through sock puppets is one of the greatest moments of tv….ever.

  5. cylkis says:

    thank you, thank you
    that is great
    veggin out & relaxin
    now i can go back to work

  6. kittymao says:



    Oh maaaaaaan, I was afraid that Sifl and Olly were another one of those TV Shows I made up in my head and were never really real.
    Thank God I have people like you to confirm that I am indeed only slightly crazy but not crazy enough to need medication.

    I am going home to watch Sifl and Olly!

  7. mklasing says:

    K: Thanks for that, I did not know that suckers had brains in them and I’m one that licks them 2-3 times and then bites them–and all this time I’ve been eating sucker brains–like the one inside the heads of the followers of Obama. Great! I’m totally disgusted.

    On another note–I had the following search today on my site:

    “Robitic men and women” Not Robotic, but Robitic–which by the way is not a freaking word.


  8. Billy says:

    Oh my God. I just had a flash back so intense I answered my phone, covered the reciever and said “I got it, get off the line!”. It was a cellphone and it was a work call.

    I haven’t seen that in forever. Much thanks.

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