Q: How Do I Get Rid of Mice?

A: I have no idea.

I had one. I caught it on one of those sticky pads and tg “disposed” of it, cause I am too much of a wuss.

So, me and The Max had three mouse free days. I walked barefoot. We made fudge. It was like Christmas. Then, just about 15 minutes ago I heard the familiar sound of munching on the rodent poison that I have strategically placed throughout the home. I arose to see the fun. What I caught a glimpse of was a very small furry thing sticking its repulsive head out of the closet. This is the same closet that the previous mouse took residence in.

I really do have a great landlord. I called him one day and he had the exterminator out the next. He is not a bad slumlord by any means. But effin’ ay. I cannot live with mice. Maybe now the nice but inefficient landlord will let me get a cat.

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17 Responses to Q: How Do I Get Rid of Mice?

  1. essaytch says:


    Pippin LOOOOOOVES his catnip mousies…I can only imagine what he would do with real live ones. Then again, Pippin also is quite smitten with a pair of Roomie’s shoes. Nevertheless, I say go for the cat option.

  2. Amy says:

    any excuse to get a cat is good, as long as you can keep it when you eventually move out.

    the only problem is with a cat you run the risk of her killing the mouse and bringing you its corpse. or hiding it somewhere for later.

    live mouse vs. dead mouse…

  3. mklasing says:

    I am not a fan of the cat idea–but then I’m DEATHLY allergic to the little beasties. I like the idea of multiple traps set all over the apartment to wipe them all out in one swoop.

  4. I had mice once and our landlord put poison out too. Problem was, it turned out when you think you only have one mouse, you actually have a LOT more. And all of them decided to crawl out into our hall to perform their final death scenes. It was horrible! It did get rid of them though. Maybe try getting some of those humane traps? Then you can take them somewhere else to release them. Let them be someone else’s problem. 🙂

  5. Greg says:

    There is one fool-proof solution but you’ll never go for it. A Rat snake will solve your problem in one day. They’re mere presence has been known to clear out entire barns.

  6. JoshC says:

    I didn’t have mice, I got a cat.
    I have a cat who brings mice home.
    I have mice and a cat.

  7. kristiane says:

    OK, so no cat. i won’t do that. What is the best poison, they just seem to like eating the stuff. They’re not dying from it.
    PS you are all gems for the suggestions.

  8. Michael says:

    I was wondering how that turned out after I saw your messenger status pop up, informing me that you had a dead mouse on your hands. I was imagining chaos and panic.

  9. dailytri says:

    I had to come back and leave a comment on this post after seeing Jay Leno last night. Apparently, CNN was doing a story on mice infestation in some apartment complex and they had an exterminator with 20 years of experience on camera as they sought out the little furry meeses. When they finally caught one on camera, the wise and skilled exterminator intelligently said, “Yes that is a mouse.” It was hilarious.

    As the weather warms up, if the mice stick around your place I’d say you have a serious problem and your landlord should be held accountable.

  10. tony says:

    why get a cat when you have cute little fuzzy pets already ?

  11. Galileo says:

    If your mousy invaders look like the one in your “Cordless Mouse” pic in your News blog…I have to tell you, it looks more like a hamster than a mouse.

    And if so…I say Hamsters are a more cuddly infestation than Koalas (sorry Mitch Hedberg)

  12. cylkis says:

    I live out in the county, old farm land. Every fall the mice move in. there is nothing humane about mice. you need to get rid of them. i have over 30 years of experience. they always show up. trap ’em & let them die. live mice can carry fleas & other pests.

    prblms w/ posion is that they need water to die. the posion makes them need water & they end up drowning themselves (sorry for the details)

    i’ve ended up wrapping dental floss around the bait end of the trap & smearing peanut butter all over the floss. the floss catches in their teeth & wap!!. (sorry again). also, i ties the trap to something. i’ve had the buggers run off withthe trap.

    If pois has been put out & then you get a cat (nice kitty) you could posion the kitty. then the spca will be after you.

    another prblm w/ posion is when the mouse dies in the wall….bad smell

    Get a cat. Siamese will talk your head off. kitty drives me nuts.

  13. kittymao says:

    Yes, yes.
    A nice ginger tom from the Shelter with no testes, that you’ll name Bean and he’ll be your little boy’s best friend. He’ll bring you meeses as presents and he’ll cuddle in your lap while you watch TV and you’ll be a nice little family. I hear cats can even TRAVEL well when given the experience in their early life.


  14. Ben says:

    Cats work great in theory…assuming it’s not my cat. That guy is more freaked by mice than I am.

  15. kristiane says:

    Can i borrow someone’s cat?

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