Umbrella Rewards

Last week, as the snow ended and the rain began in Minnesota, my son decided that he needed an umbrella. So, I told him on Friday that he could get one on Saturday if he was good for the night. Good of course equals eating ones vegetables and brushing ones teeth and going to bed without fuss on time. He knocked the first two requirements out without effort.
When it came to bedtime, he had difficulties. My boyfriend Tim aka tg was over and when I told Max it was bed time and he resisted as he always does, I said in a stern voice, “You better be good if you want an umbrella tomorrow.” Well, without knowing the story behind it tg laughed as hard as he could. I mean, I just promised my offspring shelter from the rain as though it was a luxury, so I couldn’t blame him.
Max has the umbrella now, he loves it. He uses it whenever he is outside just in case rainclouds appear instantaneously. It’s fun to bribe kids with necessities.


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9 Responses to Umbrella Rewards

  1. dohopoki says:

    Although I understood what you were going for, before I had read more than a few sentences, I too laughed to myself about the idea that some kid out there was being extra good to get something most of us don’t even like to lug around even when we do need one.

    Also, it’s probably just my pc because my pc been doing stuff like this lately but there might be something going on with your site. If anyone else is experincing problems, particulary slowness and web browser crashing, you might want to check it out.

  2. Billy says:

    Oh classic. I’m with tg, that is a lol moment.

  3. Mom says:

    We’re too cool to use umbrellas in Washington

  4. kristiane says:

    doho- WordPress has had some issue the last few days, it’s not just you.

    Yes mom, but we were never an ‘umbrella family” to begin with.

  5. Greg says:

    “I’m si-i-i-nging in the rain, just si-i-i-nging in the rain . . . “

  6. Greg says:

    (submitted caption for photo)

  7. Michael says:

    Use a raincoat as incentive for another well-behaved day and Greg’s caption would be even more appropriate.

    And c’mon…when else can a guy wear a yellow raincoat other than childhood (and movies)?

  8. kristiane says:

    Thanks greg, I was thinking that too.
    Michael, I should do that. He would probably love it.

  9. Bell says:

    “Max, if you eat all your veggies you’ll get to wear shoes tomorrow.”

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