Dees Guys

A few years before today I was working at the coffee shop I have since abandoned. I distinctly remember a young guy coming, not young enough to be in high school but not much older either. He was wearing shockingly white jeans and donning a mohawk atop his head. He ordered straight espresso and sat down with his laptop, as though it wasn’t six in the morning, but much later. Doesn’t sound too unusual, you’d think, but in the small community that we were in it was not at all common for young people to get up so early and more unusual still for people to actually utilize the free wifi we had available to the citizens of this small town.

Here’s a really bad cell phone pic of him in said coffee shop. I just thought he’d like to see his face on here. 🙂
Over the next few months I became to know this person though drink orders and brief conversations. His name was Nick and he was preparing to head to California, for film school.

It’s three years later now, and Nick is in school, in California, and currently involved with a small company called Dees Guys. Their web site launches today, and I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite Dees Guys productions.

Nick is in this video and he also is the producer of it. He is the dancer with the bumble bee in his pants making his movements out of this world

Another one I like is:

It helps me understand the genre of emo a bit more 😉

Visit their site and check out what they have,
Also, there are some videos that may not be safe for work, their titles should make it obvious.
Best of luck to Nick and Dees Guys. I love to see when people are out of their homes and doing what they love.

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