I just wanna get past the previous topic…

Yeah, it’s just an exorcise from class

My first thought this morning, as it is every morning was, “If I hustle I can get to the coffee shop to get my double short latte before dropping my son off at the bus stop.”  In the car on our way to get coffee I heard the deejay complaining about the -31 windchill coming this weekend.  This thought made me think of what those extreme temperatures mean, and how the term we often use is bitter cold but we really just mean pain.

After the bus stop I went to my first class of the day where I printed an article for my research project. I cannot believe we are already working on it.  Those pages smelled like the office at my elemantary school with it’s Goliath like xerox machine that flashed so bright with every copied page.  Between class one and two I went out for breakfast, as I do each week.  I never order the bacon at the diner, but I love to listen to it sizzle on the grill.  tg  says that he wants that sound played at his funeral, though you wouldn’t know he loves bacon by looking at him.

As I was eating my eggs over easy with hashbrowns and green tobasco I heard a man say, “How’s Max doing?”  “Funny.” I thought. “That’s my son’s name.”  I looked up to see that it was the waiter who had served us many times before.  I never knew he took care to learn our names.  This moment has sealed this place as my number one all time diner. This makes me realize I better get on it and find some more diners to patron if I am to ever earn a real list.

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7 Responses to I just wanna get past the previous topic…

  1. dailytri says:

    What’s the diner name? Where is it? I’m always in search of a great, relativel unknown diner spot. Do share!

  2. kristiane says:

    The Uptowner on Grand and Lexington in St Paul. Best hashbrowns ever.

  3. tg says:

    I’m fairly sure that was YOU who said you wanted that sound played at your funeral. But I could be wrong. It’s a great sound, though…

  4. kristiane says:

    uh, it was me who said I loved the sound. It was you who mentioned it in reference to a funeral. I have the texts to prove that 😉

  5. Billy says:

    -31 windchill? +31 is insane to me! How do you survive that?

  6. kristiane says:

    we stay inside 🙂

  7. Bell says:

    Exorcise means to get rid of demons. Excercise is to work out your body.

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