One thing that most people hate that I kind of enjoy is doing laundry. I mean, if the option came up would I rather meet friends for drinks or try out a new detergent, of course I would choose the going out. But, I think of laundry as one of those things that you can win at. Yes, if you have no dirty clothes other than the clothes on your back, you have a victory. At my apartment I have no laundry room. I have been trying really hard to be thrifty and wash all of my clothes by hand in the bathtub. But sometimes I still want to win the game and have it all done at once. So, I venture out of my home and into the world of showing your underwear to strangers. Seriously, I would never allow someone to see the contents of my bra and panties drawer in the real world. The laundromat has rules all it’s own however. Things that are ever present in laundromats seem to be the following:

Vending Machines- These are problematic when you have a six year old that believes you went to the change machine for the reason that you wanted him to have a bag of skittles. Then you buy it for him because the peanut M & Ms are calling your name and you surely cannot eat in front of him without purchasing a bag of sugar for him to suck on as well.


Molded Plastic Chairs-comfy!

That one guy/gal who talks to themselves- There’s always and only one, right now it’s the laundromat’s attendant and it’s kind of freaking me out.


Mrs. Pacman- It’s a widely known fact tht I suck at the Pac Man Family’s Games. I’m over it, but I love seeing the old arcade games anyhow.

Mmm kay. I am getting funny looks from those people here who can see me cropping photos of the pinball machine. I am putting away the laptop now.

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10 Responses to Laundromat

  1. essaytch says:

    I love laundromats! Ever been to the “Sit ‘N Spin” in Seattle? Laundry is an EXPERIENCE there.

    Vacuuming for me is what laundry is for you. Love to vacuume…LOVE it! Talk about instant gratification…clean carpet=BLISS.

  2. kristiane says:

    I never did do the sit and spin. Been to The Lost Sock time or two. I did most my chores in the Green Lake neighborhood 🙂

  3. Kris says:

    My favorite thing about laundromats is, as you’ve shown, the old arcade games they always seem to have. I’d love to try out that Twilight Zone pinball I can see in the background!

  4. When I was in college at UT in Austin 20-plus years ago, there used to be a chain of bars/laundromats throughout the city called “Bar Wash”.

    They were full on bars with washers and dryers and fold service.

    Made it tough trying to hide those stained poo poo undies from that hot chick you’re trying to hit own between the rinse and spin cycles..

    Pre-spot my brothers…



  5. kristiane says:

    MMMkay. SO if anyone knows of one of these bar slash laundry places in the Twin Cities, speak up. I need to experience this at least once.

  6. mklasing says:

    OMG–LK totally stole my thunder. I clicked on comments to say the same thing. When I was at UT in Austin (86-90) I would do my laundry at the “Suds and Foam” which was a combo laundromat and bar. One time my laundry took so long that I had to call my roommate to come drive me home.

    I actually did meet someone at the Suds once–but “she” was actually a “he” which I realized when “she” pulled a jock strap out of the dryer. “She” was amazingly attractive but alas–not my type. 😉

  7. Michael says:

    I wrote probably around 500 words on here…then I decided to write it as a post. (I have no idea when I’ll get around to posting it.) Basically…I long-windedly stated that I don’t mind doing laundry because I like having clean clothes, but I hate folding the clothes after they get out of the dryer. But isn’t that normal and common? Hmm….maybe I shouldn’t make a post out of it. Eh…making it a draft can’t hurt. A draft it is.

    I actually really like laundromats too and I kind of miss having to go to them. Yeah…I agree…where else can you look at total strangers’ clothes and underwear with a straight face? Where? (Or am I just immature?) I love the fact that people are trapped within this somewhat personal and….intimate setting and yet we all act completely civilized and normal…which is to be expected I guess. Obviously. Okay…whatever…

    And do you use some kind of blogging software? If so, which one do you use? I’ve always wanted to try one of those…

    And wow…Bar/Laundromats?! I’m from San Antonio. My brother went to UT-Austin. I’ve visited Austin many times. I have never heard of these wonderful, unimaginable places. This has got to be an urban legend.

    Oh look! I think I might’ve written at least 300 words anyway! Long comments mean I’m getting comfortable in a blogging friendship. Congratulations!

  8. kristiane says:

    Michael- I have a problem with getting software and spending waaay too much time with it. But now that I know there is some I will pobably ignore my homework for some time to try it out.

  9. Michael says:

    Yeah…i’ve wondered whether “blogging software” is really necessary or even useful. But some people swear by them…but not enough to get me to try one out. A laundromat might be a good place to test one out. Or maybe a bar.

  10. Billy says:

    I want those chairs in y dining room. It would be fun to what people constantly slide off and have to adjust every other minute.

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