My son asked for three fish from Santa this year. We spent the night in a hotel on Christmas Eve. Santa left my son a note on Day’s Inn stationary as a IOU good for three fish and a tank from the pet store. Today one of the fish died. It’s tough to get upset over a dead fish. I swear the other two remaining fish are happier with one less in the tank. They are swimming around in a joyful glee like manner that I have not seen them display before. That, or they are gasping to their last breaths of life and are also desperately trying to swim towards the light.

Nah, I say dead fishy was bringing them down.

My sister got a new puppy last week. Now, dogs I can see getting amped over, though I don’t have one myself. She is taking more care to display his arrival to her world with more detail than I did when my son was born. He is in puppy Kindergarten and now has a MySpace page of his very own. Here is what it says in his about me section.

“I am an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler. Humans call that a “Texas Heeler.” I am only three months old. I have never seen a mountain, but will totally feel at home in them. I don’t smoke or drink, but I won’t judge you if you do, as long as you don’t judge me for peeing outside.
Hey, let’s go outside. You have a smoke, I’ll have a pee… it’ll be chill.”

Yes, she’s nutty, my sister not the dog. I wouldn’t call her that but she rarely visits me here and won’t see this, so I will. If you want to visit Jasper the dog’s myspace page click here. And tell Jasper who sent you.

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5 Responses to Pets

  1. Kris says:

    Now the little guy just needs a “dogbook” account and it will have found it’s place in the world! Because if there’s one thing all dogs need, its a sense of social status.

  2. essaytch says:

    If I ever get a dog, it’s sooooo going to have a MySpace page…or a blog.

  3. mklasing says:

    Okay-my aunt was nutty about her dog–it had 3 names like a human, slept in a minature bed and she fed it with a spoon. Now that is nutty! Hope you are having an awesome ’08 so far.

  4. kittymao says:

    Oh maan.
    I’d so do that if the BF let me.
    I love my Cashy-poo.
    It’s just… uhm.
    His breed could make him the target of unwanted attention.

  5. Bell says:

    Hey, I do visit your blog, Pilv’. Jasper is wondering if you’ve watched his video yet. I miss you. Have you watched it? It’s on my blog:

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