7 Things I hate buying

I’m female and if I can be general and sexist I have to say we like buying stuff. I like buying new sheets and scented laundry soap and lattes and of course clothes. But there are things I have to buy that I would get out of if I could. These are those things:

7. Toilet paper-seriously

6. Health Insurance-Because I was self employed I had to get me my own or go without. I figure I’ve spent nearly twenty thousand dollars on “what if”

5. Car Insurance- see above

4. Speeding Tickets- well, I have not paid it yet, but I am going to cringe when I sign the check

3. Healthy Food- It’s only fun to buy donuts and smoothies and cheeseburgers. Healthy food should be free, like sleep and fresh air

2. Daycare- I am paying someone to do something I wish I could do. I would rather spend that money on a maid.

1. Parking for work- It costs me 7-12 dollars (depending on how far I am willing to walk) just to park at work. Unfortunately the bus is not an option for me.

I realized i could make this list much longer, but I won’t cause it’s crabby enough already. Now I am going to go watch a hilarious movie cause crabby pants are ugly.

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6 Responses to 7 Things I hate buying

  1. Billy says:

    I hate getting the car maintained. It is always more expensive than I originally thought and there is no difference in the car afterward. I think the mechanics should give out lollipops like the bank does when you are done.

  2. kristiane says:

    ooh, that has promise. I mean, think of all the places that could join in the fun of free candy for putting up with them.

  3. robert hope says:

    I love the healthy food one! I would add towing fees, I just paid $245 ouch!

  4. tg says:

    Toilet paper does suck to buy, and you know what the worst part is? You never need it when you are doing your regular grocery shopping. It always runs out at the most inconvenient time, and requires a special “Toilet Paper Only” trip.

    And then to avoid buying it again you of course have to buy the gigantic “48 PACK” which is the size of one of those child’s plastic yard pools. And of course the toilet paper is in the VERY BACK of the store, so you have to carry said block of TP 80 yards to the cash register. Then the cashier is a hot little blond girl that you just have to say some sort of clever pick up line to, like, “Hey baby…do you like guys who buy their bathroom tissue in bulk?”

    That last part might just be me.

  5. kristiane says:

    you just said “bathroom tissue”

  6. Bell says:

    Did you get kitten companions yet?

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