Top 7 Reasons to Partake on a Wednesday Night

I recently prefaced a story to someone with, “I really don’t drink that much but” and went on to tell the silly tale. However I realize that today is the fourth day in the past two weeks that I have had one or more adult beverages. So here is my rationalization for my minute binge. In Top 7 form:

7. Max is feeling better. He was ill. He’s just now at the sleep a lot to recover point, hence the chance to have a beer that’s not really beer. I just call it that cause it’s in the same shaped bottle. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is girly. Yeah, I said it. My spell check is showing me that girly is incorrect, but I am going to use it anyhow.

6. I started school in the classroom today. I started my online classes earlier this week. I wish they were all in a classroom, but it’s actually been fun so far. Last time I was in school it was for interior design, which i enjoy, but I enjoy this far more. Ask me again when my papers are due.

5. Only two more days of August left. I’ve missed you sweet September. This topic was killed on XE this week, so I won’t elaborate.

4. Good excuse to fire up the texting feature of my phone. (sorry to the victims of this silly habit) I get chatty and feel the need to converse in short sentences with others.

3. I had a Pronto-Pup this week. I am still living off the greasy battered high.

2. My sister wrote a killer blog on the flick Kitten Companions, which you should all watch. I say this having never seen it myself, but it is for sale on Amazon, and I am going to buy it. I am also going to check back to Amazon and see if you went and bought it as well, there’s only 9 copies left people.

1. The number one reason is that today is amazing overall. I woke up to the sound of my sweet little boys voice. I ate lunch for the first time at a restaurant all alone and had a particularity friendly server. I had TWO HOURS of free time where I had to be nowhere and doing nothing, which is rare. Two seconds ago while finishing the previous sentence I got a response to one of my texts. Oh, and today or tomorrow, depending on how you look at it, it’s I Don’t Want to Think About Chicken While Eating Doritos Day. I’m gonna go and use it someplace else now.

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