It’s Nearly Time


I am entirely aware that not a soul was anxious about me returning to writing.  But the photo I downloaded was simple and to the point.  The Max is now in college (Eek!), albeit not out of high school.  He has begun a program called running start where he attends college and high school simultaneously.  In his endeavor he has also begun classes where he must write, a lot.  While helping him edit his papers I have realized how much I miss the writing process.  I am also realizing how rusty I am.  So forgive me while I remember where commas belong and that sentences should not end in prepositions.  As a side note, I also need a brain break from the nasty divisive world we are living in.  (Ended a sentence in a prepositions right there).

In addition to my desire to blog, the holidays will be here soon.  And there is nothing I enjoy writing about more than malty holiday beers and bizarre Christmas products.  This summer was long and wonderful.  And I am so happy it is over.  It is definitely time for bonfires and spooky nonsense and parades and even Christmas shenanigans.

So if you remember how much fun the 00s were, as a blogger or as a blog reader, let’s revive that happy-fun-joy time.


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