How Very August of You, August 

The summer of 2017 had been relatively sane, until today. There were scattered hot days, but not too many. There were wildfires, but not too close. On the first day of the worst month of the year all of this changed and my yearly vow to give August a chance failed on day one.

Just look at this.  100+ degrees so far as the eye can see.  

This is the view from my house.  That’s smokey air that has not been present in our area at all, until today.  

I went to the grocery store to see if maybe some brewery chose to release a fall ale early.  No luck, just 286 different types of IPA.  But I did find this.  I’m not really a fan of flavored creamer.  However this is my first PK sighting of the year.  Tomorrow morning my French press will join with some of the contents of this bottle and I will whisper softly to myself, “September is coming.”

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