Friday is my Monday

I work four days per week.  Fridays are my Mondays which makes Mondays my Fridays.  It hasn’t always been this way for me, I worked a typical week for most of my adult life.  Now I am a weekend warrior.

I truly like my job, which makes Fridays absolutely bearable for me.  It is also easily bearable because everybody else is in Friday mode, so the people I interact with are in a good mood.  Today nothing went right.  I was having a unpleasant first day of the work week experience.  For the first time in ages I felt as though I was having a Monday moment.  Let me tell you about it.

To begin, I slept only about six hours last night.   I realize this is not going to result in major exhaustion or deliriousness.  But I get my eight hours of sleep a night.  Some people have to eat only healthy things, others must get to the gym.  I sleep eight hours, it’s what I do to keep my sanity and health.  So, I am a little tired, but I will definitely make it through the day.  When I got out of bed I noticed that the windows were all down in my car, and I knew it had down poured last night because I heard it on the roof.  Whee!  Soaked vehicle!  Still not the end of the world, I’ll lay down a towel.

I get myself ready for work, drive to work, everything is great.  But everything isn’t great when I remember that I took a different car to work than I usually do and the key to enter my place of business is on the key chain of the car I normally take.  This car is at my house, 40 minutes away.  I’m early for work, because I am always early.  I checked to see if any windows might be unlocked or if any doors are easily wiggles open or if any spare keys are left in obvious spare key places.  The answer is no to all of that.  So I phone my extremely forgiving boss and explain my situation.  There are two humans in the vicinity with keys.  YAY!  I call both and am directed to their voicemail boxes immediately.  Boo!  I once again call the kindest boss ever and am directed towards a solution.  Phew!

After all the shenanigans, I got into work ten minutes late.  I am ashamed of this fact, but I’m there none the less.  Let’s celebrate this achievement and also take a minute to discuss the clothes I wore today.

I had just bought new pants.  These new pants are so lovely.  So lovely in fact that they will only coordinate with one pair of shoes that I own.  As I was putting on my shoes this morning I realized that the strap to them was not staying fastened.  I really didn’t care too much if I wore these new pants but I was going to be late if I went and tried to find an entirely new outfit.  I am not late, ever.   Sleeping well and promptness are my superpowers.  I was going to have to find a way to wear these shoes.  So I dug around in a drawer and found some super glue.  There was no reason for me to remove my shoe at work, so why not just glue it shut for the day and take them to the cobbler tomorrow, I thought.  Clothes on, shoes glued, all is great.

So now back to me at work.  I unlocked the building and raced to get everything ready for the day.   I have to run a sandwich board out to the road when we open.  I was hustling out to the road with said sign and remembered that they had recently done some excavating to the parking lot creating a bee-line to the space where the sandwich board must reside.  With glee I raced across the area that was not accessible prior to the excavating.  Because of all the rain (the same rain that had soaked my car seats last night) and because the ground was still soft from the pushing around of dirt and gravel my foot sunk, deep into the muck.  Not the foot that had a working strap, oh no.  The foot that had a shoe superglued together that could not be removed without the shoe becoming worthless, lowered itself quickly into what felt like quicksand.


Inside that shoe is a lot of mud.  And gravel.  And that shoe is super glued onto me for the rest of the day.  I wiped off all I could of what debris was surrounding my foot.  And until clock out time came, I tried to ignore the discomfort that resulted from my eager sprint in the parking lot.

So, today, was my Monday on a Friday and it felt like a Monday.

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  1. critter12 says:

    Oddly comedic from the readers point of view. Catching up on your great work here.

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