Crap, I failed. And Band-Aid.

I didn’t make it far into the month.  Everyone got sick and then I forgot I made a pact with myself to write daily for a month.  And now that I have remembered I have nothing to say for today’s entry.  I can tell you about my day.  You can be my diary…

Today I worked far earlier than the crack of dawn.  After work I cleaned my house.  After cleaning my house I joined a gym, that was fun.  It’s been awhile since I did the workout thing.  So I feel silly amongst fit persons, but that will fade as I shape-up.

Then I came home, did my duties around the house and remembered that I hadn’t written.  I also realize I’ve been home from vacation nearly a month and have not done any posts on what I did.  And the holidays are in full swing.  I have no excuse.  Blog entries are coming again soon.

Total change of subject: How ’bout that band-aid song?  I liked the first one, it’s cheesy, but a classic.

The second seems weird.  The song is no better or worse.  But it feels like it’s trying to force a classic song on us.  Also, I don’t know who these whipper snappers are.  Except, is that Sinead?

And of course, there’s Bono.  I have had a undying crush on the Irishman since I was twelve years old.  Don’t bash him, I defend my men to the end.

I just hope the soft rock radio stations that fill us with Christmas music throughout the season don’t replace the classic with the new version.

Nobody wants that.

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