Happy Blog Birthday TO ME!

pilver cake

The actual blogiversary is tomorrow, but we all wanted cake today. Seven years of this beautiful nonsense. This year I have been growing a baby and raising a toddler and a near teenager.  And now I am done creating children, so I am going to change my unofficial title from Baby Maker to Super Sexy Blogger. I miss it, writing that is, and announcing I am hauling my computer to town to sit in a coffee shop and write for a couple hours is one of the few ways I get a kid break.  This past year was so meager on the content here and I need to make up for it.  So look for lots of posts in the near future.

It’s been an awesome year, some day I’ll tell you all about it.  Until then, let’s eat cake and virtually fist bump in celebration of seven years of The Pilver, shall we?

Here are links to the first six birthday parties I have thrown…for a website:



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