Mr. Pilver’s Mix Tape circa 1995

I think I mentioned this before, but Mr. P and I go way back, tenth grade Spanish class to be exact.  We ended up sitting next to each other on the first day of class and those were the assigned seats for the rest of the year.  I was new to the school, and a little bit shy.  Mr. P had been at the school since Kindergarten and was far more shy than myself.  So, I ended up doing most of the talking.

Making mix tapes was my passion, and I made them for quite a few people.  After falling in love with/getting engaged to/moving in with Mr. P fifteen years later he showed me the tape I had made him in high school.  I can laugh about it now, but knowing that he had a secret crush on me I feel a little badly about some of the song choices I made for his tape.

When I made this, I put songs on that I really liked and that I imagined would be humorous to my heavy metal loving Spanish buddy.  Also, many of the songs were from a compilation tape I’d bought in Minnesota from local artists that are AWESOME.  Since I no longer have that tape, I am grateful he saved this one so I can ear them once again.

Here’s the list:

Side A

1.Shit Town – Live

2. There She Goes – Boo Radleys

3. That’s Me – Honey Dogs

This is not an appropriate song, I couldn’t find it on youtube, but if you ever come acrossit, listen.

4. Foreign Affair – Vibro Champs

Click play NOW!

5. With or Without You – U2

6. Shakermaker – Oasis

7. New Age Girl – Dead Eye Dick

8. Daffodil Lamont – Cranberries

9. Beats the Hell Out of Me – Delilahs

10. Jaime – Weezer

11. Never Too High – Cell

Side B.

1. Better Man – Pearl Jam

2. She Don’t Use Jelly – Flaming Lips

3. Stay (Faraway So Close) – U2

4. Trajic – Erasure

There were a few years I was obsessed with Erasure.

5. Men and Women- INXS

6. I’ll Stand By You – Pretenders

7. I Can’t Get You Out of My System – Newsboys

8. One- U2

And yes, I have been obsessed with U2 almost since birth.

9. End of The World – REM

10. Surfwax America – Weezer

And the final song was the theme song from The Brady Bunch and I giggled when making it, thinking of my long haired metal loving friend listening to it too.

Just the act of typing all the names of these songs makes me want to go  put on a flannel and find my old Doc Martins.  Now that I’m done writing and you are done reading, go back and listen to Foreign Affair.  You’re welcome.

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