Cali (fornia)


Not to long from now, my family is going to pack up the station wagon and head south to the wonderland that is California. I will soon be in a warm state surrounded by movie stars and fancy cars.

Don’t ruin the image in my head with silly facts and truths.  I’m well aware that we are going to be amongst other tourists and not see celebrities. Considering we are going to be staying with family in suburban neighborhoods at night and visiting tourist traps during the day, I don’t imagine  I’ll run into anyone even on the D-list of famous people.  I don’t care. I’m buying new dark sunglasses in case I need to stare at someone famous and pretend they don’t notice. I have been to California a few times but it’s been years.  I do have a list of things I must do, and they are all generic.



This is our big splurge.  Tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth are eye-bugging expensive.  After admission, parking, souvenirs and food I’m certain half our entertainment budget will be blown.   We must go, however.  You just can’t take kids to southern California and skip it.

The Price is Right


I got tickets! It’s really not hard to get them ,but I did a little dance afterwards as though I’d waited in line for days. I’m going to go sit in the audience of TPIR!  I know it’s unlikely I will get chosen, but I’ll deal.  I’m going to get a name tag, and that’s just as good.



In order to see if there really is so much drama.

Rodeo Drive


I can’t afford shoes with price  tags larger than my mortgage.   But I want to see the people who can.

Also family, and the Golden Gate bridge, and trees I can drive through, and the beach…  Let me tell you a secret. I could never call California “Cali.” I feel silly even typing it.

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