Baby 3 and Unemployment

When The Max was growing inside me I called him Little Bun until I found out he was a boy and gave him a proper name.  Lucy was Gumdrop.  Recently I got a complete surprise and now, Baby 3 is  wiggling around somewhere in my torso.  I have become unoriginal with the fetus nicknames.

I am completely absentminded about this pregnancy.  I haven’t even told The Max as of yet.  I don’t know how far along I am, somewhere in the area of ten weeks.  My first appointment to help determine the due date will not be until I am at least eleven weeks along.

Part of my prenatal ignorance is that I am not sick.  When I do sit and think about my new baby, I sometimes get worried, because sickness is a good sign, right?  Aw, well.  I’m having another baby.  I’m very excited and I can already feel flutters if I slouch and smash my womb a bit, making Baby 3 flop to get some breathing room, or so I imagine.  Once again I am craving rum and cokes and once again I am satisfying my craving with caffeine free cola with limes.  Also, carrot sticks.  My skin may turn orange from this addiction.

On another note, I found myself unemployed yet again this week.  I had finally found a job with a schedule that worked and bosses that rocked.  And then they decided to sell their business.  Poop.  The bright side of this is that I may find time to write a little more.

I’ve been struggling so much in the past few years on The Pilver.  I started writing about the types of things I never buy any longer and the sort of  places I rarely go these days.  I haven’t really wanted to change the format, so I just have not written much at all.  But I think I’m going to go ahead and write about what I do do (hehe) these days.  Gardening, baking, canning, composting etc.  This will not be a mommy blog.  I promise you that.  Not that there’s not a place for mommy blogs, I just am certain I would be terrible at hosting one.  So, more homesteading hoopla and less city adventures.  I hope the three readers I still have will stick around 🙂

Oh, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




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6 Responses to Baby 3 and Unemployment

  1. Amber Rairdan says:

    Little Bun and Gumdrop are good names. An ultrasound picture made Jessa look like Jigsaw from Saw so that is what I called her. Hopefully 2013 you will find that one job that is for you and the search will be over.

  2. Wow, kb, congratulations! I just found out last week that I cannot have my birth control reinstated until I’m done breastfeeding, so I’ve been chasing Sifu away from me with a stick because while I admire people who can handle multiple small children at the same time, I know I’m nowhere near as coordinated as they are and no way do I have the stamina. You, I am certain, will ace it. You’re energetic. Plus, you make beautiful children.

    Best wishes for an easy, healthy pregnancy and a great job soon!

    • kristiane says:


      I cannot do birth control. Not because of religious reasons or anything other than I hate having excess hormones in my body. I’ve got more than enough naturally. And THAT’S how you end up with surprise babies 🙂

      • Heh. Also, I had a combined total of about 45 minutes of morning sickness spread out over the span of one week, and a perfectly healthy pregnancy and baby, so with any luck you’ll have the same lack of sickness. I barfed into a trash can on a street corner once, and then I had to get on a bus full of people who had just seen me yakking. I never felt more ladylike in all my life.

  3. kristiane says:

    With Lucy I puked at a national park restroom, while the janitor was trying to close up the building for the evening. I felt really badly that her last task of the day was scrubbing my vomit out of the toilet.
    Hey, I’m really glad we traded puke stories 😉

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