Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-beer!

I need to talk about Christmas. I need to review something, anything. I figured I should head to town and buy a bit of holiday goods but my errands today only led me two places; the post office and the natural foods store. It’s not that I wouldn’t have loved to shop elsewhere, but it was past naptime and Lucy Girl needed sleep and was letting everyone within an earshot know her desire for a blanket and her crib.

The post office was a dead end, unless I needed to buy stamps which I did not. The natural food store still boasted decor of pumpkins and orange signs. But I searched deeper, and found winter beer.

I love beer. Sometimes I even brew it myself. If someone were to ask about my favorite style, I would say winter beer. It’s a vague answer, as winter beer varies greatly. But what I mean is the micro brews in limited supply with festive names that are released in the colder months. These beers are typically darker, and maltier than what is available the other warmer seasons.

I guess I’m a beer snob. I will probably pass on the beverage if all that is available is something from the “king of beers” or a “silver bullet”. When I find a new beer, I research it on the internet and read reviews and sometimes write my own. It’s a hobby, a past time, and it makes me feel less like a lush ;).

I have three beers to review, two I bought today at the store, and the other I bought last week, and being that most of it is still around, you might already guess my opinion of it. Let’s start with that one.


Sessions Fest

I’ve never had a Sessions beer. I feel like if Lucky Lager and PBR had a baby, they’d create what is commonly known as the hipster beer in a bottle. I’m not a lager fan so much, I don’t hate them, but don’t expect me to get crazy excited at the release of a new variety.

The beer pours with almost no head. It’s dark amber in color and bready in smell. I don’t love it. I want to, because it is so much cheaper than my usual brands, but I can’t. If I took a decent winter beer and mixed it with an Ice House, I imagine it would taste like this. Not bad, but not gonna buy it again.

However, the caps. Beer companies are often printing silly things on the caps, and Sessions does a great job making me happy with their caps.

Elysian Night Owl

Next let’s look at a pumpkin ale.  I have tried many over the last few years.  This is the only one I will re-drink.   I’m not a huge fan of fruit/vegetable beer.   I want my beer to taste like, beer.  However, I feel as though Elysian does a good job giving you a pumpkin flavor without overwhelming your taste buds.

It pours well, with a decent lacy head.  I have to say, the on tap version is much better.  Obviously, draft is always better.  But it MUCH MUCH better with this beer.   So much so that I don’t think I will try this one again unless it is on tap.

Snoqualmie Avalanche

This is the best of the three I’ll be reviewing today.  It’s a winter warmer, and a better than decent one.

Pours dark and the aroma is already screaming malty caramel.  For a beer with 6.9% alcohol, it goes down easy.  It’s not the best of the best, but there’s nothing to complain about.  Cheers Snoqualmie!  You have made me sleepy.  It’s bed time in Pilver Beer Drinking Land.  And yes, all of our drinking glasses are canning jars.

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