How to Murder Fruit Flies

The other day I ranted and raved about how far out the season of autumn is.  And it is.  But as POison says, every rose has it’s thorn.  Fall’s thorn is bugs.  Here in the country, we have bazillions of them.  Spiders are a really scarey problem, especially the black widows.  I cannot turn on anything with lights, such as the TV, my phone, or computer without moths freaking out at the chance to park their annoying butts on them.  And I am bulking up my shoulder muscle with my heavy duty fly swatter.  But also, we have fruit flies.

IN high school, I was in an AP science class called genetics.  We bred fruit flies.  We gassed them daily to study their eye color and wing structure.  But we never killed them.   With all this produce in the house from the garden, fruit flies are feasting and multiplying at a rediculous rate and I no longer have a desire to study the buggers.  Thankfully, yesterday, my fantastic neighbor shared with me a method of murdering fruit flies by the thousands.   I’m not kidding.  And it is SOOO easy.

Fruit Fly Massacre Ingredients:

One glass jar (Mayonnaise or spaghetti sauce sized)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dish Soap

Sheet of Paper (I finally found a use for the Wal-Mart ad in the Sunday paper!)

Pour a couple inches of the apple cider vinegar into the bottom of the jar along with a couple squirts of dish soap.  Take the paper and make a funnel leading to the bottom of the jar.

Easy, huh?  Want to see dead bugs?

So THANK YOU neighbor of mine for showing me how to murder fruit flies.  And if anyone knows how to terminate large amounts of black widows, let me know 😉how to kill fruit flies how to kill fruit flies how to kill fruit flies how to kill fruit flies how to kill fruit flies how to kill fruit flies

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3 Responses to How to Murder Fruit Flies

  1. kristiane says:

    They are much more gross alive.

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