Chicken Olive Loaf

On my recent post called, ‘Franks House’ someone asked if there was anything else I had to share about the fabulous place of vintage.  The answer is yes, Big Time. Frank had umpteen cook books and Frank does not really cook.  So I received most of the recipes.  Some were cut out of newspapers in 1971 and some, particularily what we are talking about today, are 24 volumes of cooking greatness called, “The Encyclopedia of Cooking”  These were printed in 1954, the era of the modern housewife.  The time when entertaining became an art of who could create the most bizairre, space age dish for their guests.  Take a look at 500 Delicious Salad Recipes:

If the cover photo doesn’t tempt you thoroughly, take a look at the spread they show on the center page:

That beauty in the bottom left corner, that’s a Tomato Gelatin Ring with Lima Bean Salad in the middle.  Hungry yet?  Listen to the ingredients of this Black Cherry Salad:

2 c. cherry juice

1 package cherry gelatin

2 c. drained black cherries

1 c. chpped blanched almonds

8 stuffed olives, chopped?!?!?!

I was hungry until the olives.  Mix all that together and top with mayonnaise.  For real.

I did not have the ingredients to make Black Chery Salad, but I did have what it takes to create Chicken Olive Loaf.

Chicken, chicken broth mixed with unflavored gelatin, sliced stuffed olives, celery, and sunflower seeds because I did not want to waste expensive almonds.  Mix together, pour into a loaf pan, and wait for the fun.

I took a bite.  I regretted taking a bite.  Chicken Jell-O is not okay.  But would my son eat it? Because I am a mean, mean mom I behaved as though this was dinner.  I set up my iPhone to take video of The Max eating the loaf.

Sorry Max, I sacrificed your taste buds for my blog.  Can they call CPS on me for that?

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7 Responses to Chicken Olive Loaf

  1. This was beautiful. I give you ten high-fives for going through with this. Because I am now moving into my mother-in-law’s house, where she has lived for 95 years, I have recently acquired a few “vintage” cookbooks myself, including one filled with Jell-O recipes which I will never make, as Jell-O is vile. Also one called “Granny Something-or-other’s No Knife Recipes”, for people who cannot be trusted with knives.

    That one I might have to put to use.

  2. Amber Rairdan says:

    Poor Max!!!

  3. Tori R says:

    Appreciate you blogging thiis

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