Top 7 Beers of All Time (that I have tried in the short amount of time I have been drinking beer)

Rewind, it’s 1997. I’m at a party in high school and someone passes over a 40 oz. bottle of Coors Light so I can try a sip and see if I like it. I don’t. Hate it. I didn’t not drink in high school, but I really didn’t partake very often or with the typical results of a partying teenager. I hated beer, hated wine, and would only have a hard alchohol beverage if it was foo-fooed up enough that I could not tell there was any spirits in the first place.

Eventually I tried good wine, and grew a taste for it. I just adore trashy rum and vodka well drinks, though I really don’t find a time or place for them at this point in my life. Now, it’s beer. So many years after spitting out warm Coors Light I’m becoming one who appreciates Homer Simpson’s favorite beverage of all.

Beyond enjoying beer, I have a desire to enjoy all kinds of beer. Every chance I get I’ll venture to a brewery and order a flight (quirky name for a sample tray) of their brews. After sipping and analyzing each variety, I will then play the game called, “Close your eyes and guess which one this is.”

In recent months, I have begun brewing beer at home. The first batch was a disgusting disaster of stout. Since then I have brewed three more batches with success. I was going to do a post about brewing, but being as I am still hugely amateur I think I’d rather talk about my favorite beers. Most being native to the Northwest part of the US, where I live.

7.Clear Creek Pale Ale-Silver City Brewery-Silverdale, WA

I’m not a huge pale ale fan. Some are fine, but this one is gorgeous. Apparently Clear Creek Pale Ale has won all the awards there are. For good reason, it’s highly drinkable. A great beer for any occasion.

6.Cozy Sweater-Iron Horse Brewery-Ellensburg, WA

Not the first winter brew I will talk about, these are my favorite. A great beer for drinking after a day of boarding or wood cutting or some other outdoor cold activity.

5. Chainbreaker White IPA-Deschutes Brewing Co.-Bend, OR

If you ever have the opportunity to have a Deschutes, I highly recommend it. This is the most recent one I have tried, not even the best of theirs’ I have had. My list is a sham! But the idea of a White IPA inrigued me. I think it works, well. I do like some hops in my ale, but not all up in your face with the hoppy-WOW! This does a good job of creating a balance those who are not typical IPA fans can enjoy.

4. St. Peter’s Old Style Porter-St. Peter’s Brewing Co. Ltd.-United Kingdom

A few birthday’s back I went to a sub-par brewery. I was so disappointed in the beer that we went to a second bar to find a decent drink to rinse the skunky brew taste out of our mouths. When we finally found a table in the second bar, we realized they had no draft beer. Reluctantly I ordered a porter off the menu and good god it was fantastic. I was so fond of the porter that I searched high and low until I finally found a local store, willing to order it for me and keep it in stock. By the time they got it in, I was pregnant.

3.Cabin Fever-Boundary Bay Brewing Co. Bellingham, WA

If you like malty winter ales, this is one to find. Only available in the fall and early winter, from a great brewery in Bellingham. This was the first brewery I visited to and still one of the best.

2.Russian Imperial Stout-North Coast Brewing Co. Fort Bragg, CA

This is a strong beer, 9% or so I believe. So when I order it, I order one and sip it slowly. Perfect in the dead of February when it seems easier to handle a heavy drink, both in body and taste. I rarely find it on tap, but always order it when I do.

1. African Amber-Mac & Jacks Brewery (Redmond, WA)

Why is it African? Other then the lion on the label I have no idea. If I had to choose a desert island never drink anything else again beer, this would be it. I like Ambers, I love this one. It’s unfiltered so it has a good amount of body.

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1 Response to Top 7 Beers of All Time (that I have tried in the short amount of time I have been drinking beer)

  1. Jeff says:

    I’ve tried the old rasputin, none of the other. But you are correct, it’s tasty. Heard so many wonderful things about Deschutes, need to try it too.

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