Top 7 Post-Nostalgia Nostalgic Things

The title of this post does not make sense.  I don’t know how else to phrase it.  Shortly after high school was over for me I began to feel nostalgia about nearly everything.  Toys, food, television shows.  Everything was better back  in the day.  I enjoyed my childhood and I missed things from it.  All the while the things I was experiencing then, roughly in my 20’s, I am becoming nostalgic for now.

I think I happened to hit adulthood at a crazy, crazy time.  The internet was a baby, cell phones were seemingly for the rich, and social networking was basically non-existent. My twenties are over and I am now a wife/mom/blah.  And in ten years I am going to long for these days.  I know it.  But now I want to talk about those days.  Here are the top 7 nostalgic things for which I didn’t think I’d be nostalgic.

7. 10-10 numbers

Long distance calls used to be expensive.  You could end up paying over a quarter a minute to talk to someone in the next state or even county.  But viola!   Along came 10-10 numbers to save us all from ridiculous fees.  Of course, when free long distance via cellular companies came along, 10-10 numbers made a quiet exit.

6. AIM

There are a million ways to send an instant message or chat on the internet.  The mother of all those ways was AOL Instant Messaging.  I always have my account logged in to this day. But many years ago there were dozens of people with whom I am ‘buddies’ with who would be signed in as now there are a small handful.  I think facebook chat overtook the AIM scene.   This is part of the hate in my love/hate relationship with facebook.

5. Snake

Back to old cell phones.  Just about the year 2000 people began to use cell phones in astronomical numbers.  Prior, as was mentioned, they were too expensive for just anyone.  The phones themselves were boring screens with boring games, like snake.  My trusty Nokia was as sturdy as a rock boasted only snake as far as gaming went.  So I played that stupid game whenever I needed to kill boredom.  But alas, the game was more boring than standing in line at the DMV.

4. Texts

I used to love texts.  Sometimes I still do.  But now they seem to be used in place of phone calls.  A simple thirty second conversation has been replaced by fifteen minutes of back and forth messages limited at 140 characters.  I want to get back to the place where texts were exciting and surprising.

3. MySpace

Haters gonna hate, but MySpace was, for me at least, the original “Where you been?”   Facebook may be the king daddy of social networking now, but only five years ago you hadn’t used it unless you were a college coed.  I’ll never delete my MySpace account because I love it so.  Also, I was reacquainted with Mr. Pilver via MySpace.

2. Fast Food

This may be more me than you.  I don’t eat fast food any longer.  Partially because I have educated myself with the ingredients of the products most fast food establishments serve and partially because there is not much fast food around.  When you go without McD’s for a year, and then attempt to enjoy a burger from the joint, you feel as though you are gnawing on a Styrofoam bun with slime in the middle.  I have so many fond memories of Happy Meals and apple pies so I can’t hate and only hate them.  We had a good run, Ronald, but it’s over.

1. XE

I stole that photo, yeah.

It’s eerie that I began this blog two days ago and then yesterday Matt, the master of all webmasters, decided to end XE.  If you don’t know what XE is, don’t ask.  But good lawd, I spent an embarrassing amount of hours on that site reading and posting and making great friends.  I’m nostalgic for a good advent calender or a SNT already.  Giant Ape Juice will always mean something to me.

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5 Responses to Top 7 Post-Nostalgia Nostalgic Things

  1. Anonymous says:

    You forgot letters and emails! They seem to be gone with the wind too. I like texts better than phone calls, except from you I prefer the phone. ❤

  2. Sarah says:

    Oops. I’m Anonymous (see above) 😛

  3. Jason says:

    Great list! And always remember not to think about chicken when you’re eating Doritos. 🙂

  4. DJ D says:

    I want to bring back letter writing. One of the most memorable ones I’ve ever received was from my assigned college roommate just before my freshman year at USC. The only thing I knew about this guy was his name, but he sent me this long, rambling multi-page letter where he detailed all his interests and favorite bands and things, and then went on to list the things he would be bringing to the dorm. What followed was an interesting correspondence for the remainder of the summer. It was so much more fun than an e-mail and a link to someone’s Facebook page.

  5. Buckly says:

    trash bag bunch

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