Egg Coffee

Well, it only took five days for me to break my resolution.  If I post twice today will it make up for my laziness?   It was laziness that prevented me from posting.  Last night I drank a beer, and I was down and out before the last of the bottle was gone.  So, today we are going to talk about something that will wake you up!  Egg Coffee.

It is that easy.

Supposedly, this concoction is something founded by Scandinavian Lutherans ie all the old ladies in my family.  The recipe is beyond simple and the result is fabulous.

I am a coffee snob.  I never meant to be this way, but ten years of making and studying coffee and espresso for a living left me unable to enjoy a cup of joe that was less than great. I’m always on the lookout for the best of the best coffee shops.  Sadly, in my area there are very few good ones.  The best coffee I enjoyed around here, amazingly, was in the entrance of the Central Washington Hospital on the morning I went in to deliver Lucy.  The next day I sent Mr. Pilver down to the lobby to the coffee stand to buy me another latte and it was no fluke.  It was fantastic.  I cannot drive fifty minutes to the hospital for coffee every day, I cannot even justify driving to the nearest town with the price of gas.  So, I am stuck making my own.

My coffee maker is not wonderful, so one day I decided to throw some egg shells in like my dad used to when he’d percolate coffee on the stove.  I’m obsessed with finding the origins of things on Google and Wikipedia, and I looked up putting egg shells in coffee to see where it began.  And it turns out you can put the innards of the egg in the grounds before brewing as well.  I was worried about whether the egg would cook and I would face death by salmonella  in my experiment.  It did cook, and it tasted much better than without the egg, smoother and less bitter.

Try it next time you make some coffee.  With seven chickens laying we always have extra eggs so I have started using an egg a day in my pot of coffee.  Post lottery winning I will buy a ritzy espresso machine and create world class lattes in my own kitchen.  Until then it’s egg coffee for breakfast.

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8 Responses to Egg Coffee

  1. I feel like this is a prank – like as I sip that first slurp of eggy coffee, I will slap myself on the forehead and say, “That Pilver!”

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have heard of this but never tried it… I am tempted…

  3. I have never heard of this, and am looking at you askance.

    However, you happen to have fab coffee available to brew at home on the other side of the mountains from you! My preferred brew is Wicked Wolf by Raven’s Brew. I discovered them when I lived in Alaska and craved a good cup of coffee. Lucky for me, when I was transferred down to Tacoma, Raven’s Brew had recently opened up a roaster in Tumwater. What luck!

    Even luckier for me is that now Amazon has become a provider of this most important, most wonderful substance and I can have it delivered to my home for less than what it would cost for me to hop in my car, drive to the nearest retailer and bring it home again (a place called “The Fresh Market” started carrying this coffee in the Fall- our farm is too far away from the store now to get it regularly that way).

    Wicked Wolf is the one vice and one luxury I don’t want to give up! Just having it to brew in my drip maker at home brightens my day. And I am proud to be a coffee snob!

    (They do have other roasts too:

  4. DJ D says:

    I’m a coffee freak too, but I’ve honestly never heard of this. Thing is, I really don’t like eggs. Does it taste like eggs? Or just something else? I’m tempted to give this a shot just because it sounds soooooo weird.

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