Remembering MySpace Blogs

Remember MySpace?  Yes, you do.  Remember MySpace blogs?  What a great time to be alive that was.  During my MySpace blog heyday, The Max was a toddler.  He was a hilarious toddler, mostly because he could talk as clearly as an adult, he was extra small for his age and he only spoke in a Boston accent.

MySpace blogs required you to add pictures with html code, which meant you had to have a photo account on a site like  I was digging through my old pictures on my photobucket page yesterday and found some of the conversations I had made into blogs on MySpace years ago.  Being as my MySpace blog is gone forever, I figured I was not cheating to use them as a post on this blog.

He was dead serious.

I am super strong. During this time in my life, I only listened to college radio of the 1980’s.  Poor thing never heard a modern song until he was eight years old.

I am going to go and dig through more virtual photos now, and giggle about how I thought adjusting the brightness and contrast in a picture made me feel artistic.

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5 Responses to Remembering MySpace Blogs

  1. I’m still writing blogs like that. I am so current.

    The last time I looked at myspace was a couple of years ago. I couldn’t find anything. They moved the whole thing around. I got afraid of it and signed out. Just as well – I’m sure there’s some choice embarrassment on there.

  2. Berdo says:

    I didn’t even know there were MySpace blogs.

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