Garden Blogs and Merging Blogs

I started The Green Pilver in January, thinking I could manage two separate blogs.  I could, but I’m illogically overwhelmed by the faux pressure it involves and from now on I am only going to post here.  At some point I hope to transfer all those green blogs to this one, but copying and pasting is physically exhausting so don’t hold your breath.

Garden!  It’s been over a month since I took the last pictures, and plants, they are a sprouting!  I have been off of work for four weeks now.  This leaves me plenty of time to watch the garden grow and wait for Mr. Pilver to come home from a long hard day at work only to work another 2-6 hours in the garden.  I actually do work some in the garden, but pushing the rototiller now induces Braxton Hix contractions and I cannot participate as fully as I would like.

Just gonna run some pictures past you so you can see the changes, I’ll try not to run my mouth too much so you won’t lose interest.

I lost my camera.  This is what it looks like when you MS Paint together two photos to make a panoramic view. As the crocodile hunter would say, “Let’s get a closah luke!” At this angle it looks gosh darn bare.

From the left:  Herbs, Onions, Garlic, Carrots, and Beans.  Fifty feet of each.

Our potatoes.  Tons.  Actually, when harvested they should produce seven hundred pounds of the tubers, which is less than a ton.  I need you to help me eat them.

The little green stripes of leaves here are peanuts.  If they produce well we should be able to make all our peanut butter for a whole year.  The Max can pack away the PB & Js, so this is a very good thing.

Here’s the peppers.  We suck at peppers.  My mom hates it when I say, “suck.”  If anyone can give me pepper advice I’ll give you a dollar.

We don’t suck at tomatoes.

Here’s the vines.  Some are good size some are mere seedlings.  Squash, melons, cucumbers, and pumpkins will soon sit here.

Here we have corn and lettuce.  The right side is more corn, but they are still tiny so you cannot see too well.

In addition to the garden plot we are the proud owners of roughly one hundred sunflowers, re-seeded from the fallen seeds of last years plants.  I have a few strawberry plants.  I eat the berries right after picking and jam will probably never be made of them because of my lack of patience.  Finally, there are a few wild fruits nearby that I am looking forward to making pies and jams and maybe even some wine with.  We also just bought twenty more chicks, for meat, bringing out bird count up to about thirty.  I feel like a pioneer homesteader with all this land and whatnot.  So, I better go churn some butter and tease Nellie Oleson.

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2 Responses to Garden Blogs and Merging Blogs

  1. Jeff says:


    Thanks for starting to write again, keep it up! I’ve missed you. :*

  2. kristiane says:

    I love it too! Hopefully I’ll be more productive soon 🙂

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