Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet Gumdrop!


Yes, it is true.  I figured April Fools Day was the ideal occasion to announce my fetus to the world! Myself, Mr. Pilver, and The Max are all excited about our new family member.  Mr. Pilver named it Gumdrop because we would rather not call it…It.

This is a picture of a smear.  But, it’s MY smear.  My doctor assured me that everything looks great.  I haven’t been pregnant for ten long years.  When I was carrying The Max I couldn’t understand the concept of a difficult pregnancy.   I worked 40 hours a week, walked three miles a day, and felt better than I ever had.  When we decided to have more kids, I bragged to Mr Pilver how I was the perfect preggo lady.  I lied.

I have spent every day of the past month sicker than the day before. No foods smell good, taste good, or calm my stomach in any way.  I have a stack of books that assure me it ends by the middle of pregnancy, usually.

Beyond the sickness I’m tired pretty much all the time.  I can take a nap at nine in the morning after waking up at seven after a night of ten hours sleep. I’m basically hungover, without experiencing fun the night before.

Now that I have successfully complained, let me tell you all the less depressing details.  I am due in the fall.  I don’t want to say my exact date, because Gumdrop will not come  on my due date.  My best guess as to when Gumdrop will come is late October.  I’m really hoping for a Halloween baby.  We will be having the sex of the baby be a surprise, but we will choose to be surprised at the ultrasound instead of on the day of birth.  I want to name Gumdrop something else already, especially being as my baby is already larger than  a Gumdrop.

I’m showing a bit, but most people probably just think I packed on a few pounds.    Gumdrop’s not that big, but apparently the excess progesterone in my system is causing a faux beer belly.  I won’t be able to hide it much longer at work, though I don’t doubt my co-workers are suspicious being as I have been eating crackers non-stop and my belly is starting to push past my apron.

The best part of finding out you are pregnant is being able to tell other people.  I decided a public bathroom was the most ideal place to pee on a stick.  I shoved the  test into my coat pocket, ran to my car, and watched as two pretty little pink lines appeared in the result window.  First I called Mr. Pilver and sobbed through my words so severely he couldn’t really understand what I was saying.  I told my sisters and parents afterward, still sitting in the parking lot.  I waited a bit to tell The Max.

Two short years ago, Max and I were living alone in the city several states away.  While I would have loved more kids and to be married, I never expected it to happen.  After moving, introducing a step-father into Max’s life and taking him from an urban setting to the epitome of country living I was hesitant to drop another bomb on his life.

Finally, after a couple weeks of telling Max I was too sick to play I felt I couldn’t hide it any longer.  I sat him down and cried the whole time I spoke.  He cried as well and smiled big saying he couldn’t wait to be a big brother.

So, I’m having a baby.  I feel very lucky and blessed.  I’m going to go yak now.


PS- Vacation starts TODAY!!!

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8 Responses to Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet Gumdrop!

  1. stephanie says:

    I am so, so happy for you! I was so sick when i was pregnant with C that I have adapted many ways of coping with it. get crystalized ginger, ginger pills, lots of saltines & orange gatorade. when you feel especially nauseous, eat a ginger & take a pill. I swear they help. also, lemon drops. also, I learned this when I had C, smelling rubbing alcohol can calm waves of it.

    so, with that said, CONGRATULATIONS PILVERS!

    • kristiane says:

      I actually bought ginger tea, ginger chews, and ginger extract yesterday. So far, they are helping A LOT. The smells get me really badly, to the point I make the boys shower more than usual 🙂

  2. Andrea Peterson says:

    LOVE it!! And I absolutely hope it is true! I remember you being preggo’s with Max! So, so, so happy for you guy’s and a HUGE Congrats if true! If it isn’t true it’s a great April Fool’s prank! =)

  3. Sarah says:

    Cutest smear ever!

  4. Michael says:

    I think The Max will make an absolutely AWESOME older brother. I’m jealous. Of the baby brother.

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