Oh, Yeah…Christmas Happened

I haven’t written much as of late.  I don’t know why.  I feel extremely busy, but in fact, I have accomplished little.

Christmas was two days ago, and it was fantastic.  The whole holiday was a blur of visiting friends and family and wrapping flying through the air.  I got to see my nieces and nephew and hug them more than they cared to endure.  I ate too much and drank a little.  I saw old friends and drove a few hundred miles in the process.  It was hectic.

The last part of Christmas day was winding down, The Max, Mr. Pilver and I were gathered in our loft and watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol on my laptop, I realized this was it.  Theis was the last part of Christmas and the best.  Max was wearing fuzzy jammies and he let me hold him.   Mr Pilver was insanely giddy about watching Goofy’s sports follies and acting like a kid.  Me and my boys were having our first Christmas together.

So many years it was Me and The Max, only.  I loved those years and I will always tear up like a fool when I think about them.  But now we are a trio and we are a good one at that.  I loved all the changes we encountered this year and I welcome 2011’s adventures.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (way late).

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