Vintage Holiday Decor Vlog


Ever seen those vintage aluminum Christmas trees with the lit up color wheel?


I want one so badly.  I love mid-century modern furnishings.  While I cannot figure out a way to either afford them or make them work in our mountain log home, I did acquire some old Christmas decor that satisfied my nostalgic addiction  for the time being.  And then I made a vlog.

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10 Responses to Vintage Holiday Decor Vlog

  1. Amy says:

    Nice! I love the last Santa with the hingey arms and legs.

    My mom used to make little wreaths out of yarn and now I want to make one. She’d wrap yarn around a cassette case (ha) a bunch of times and then pull the yarn off the case and cinch it in the middle with a little piece of yarn. Then she’d attach all the little yarny balls around a wire coat hanger stretched to a circle. Classy.

  2. themanager says:

    i love the one eyed deer. that really is quite cute. just glue a google eye on it and it will look good as new!

    i can’t wait to show you my tree! there is so much excitement this year over it! lol

  3. Mystie says:

    I’m inheriting an aluminum tree this season, but I don’t believe it has a color wheel.

  4. Ummmmm..... says:

    So… I’m a freak for having people guess how many beans are in a jar, but you’re not?


    Can’t wait till you guys are here. We’ve decorated the place:)

  5. Greg says:

    When I was a little kid we had one of those aluminum trees with the color wheel.

  6. Awesome image! Reminds me of my home growing up.

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