New Writing Adventure!

Once in awhile I pull up the local newspapers website and see what’s going on here in the sticks.   The other day I found a link for the blogs hosted on the site, and turns out anyone can write one.   I cannot be certain, but I assume this is a small town thing.  So, I wrote one.  I got some comments pretty much right away.

So, HERE’S THE LINK.  Being as I am relatively new here, I made up my mind to host a blog in regards to discovering restaurants, music, outdoor activities, festivals etc. in this new town.

I think I will like it.  It may not be a paid gig, but it’s being viewed by a lot of people.  I can dig that.   It is very anonymous, so if you decide to comment, please don’t call me Kristiane or kbell, or kb 🙂   Thanks!

About kristiane

killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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3 Responses to New Writing Adventure!

  1. aray79 says:

    Like your blog I will check your site later again.

  2. Thom says:

    Are all the topics listed on the link written by you?

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