Bon-Bons and Soap Operas for Five Days

My intentions when I sat down were to tell you a fantastic story of restaurant servers vs. an obnoxious restaurant manager.  I cannot quite figure out a way to do this properly as I somewhat feel sorry for the bad guy.  So I’ll spare nasty details and share the fact that I quit my job yesterday.  I walked out in the midst of my shift with tables waiting for food that wascooking and everything.  And while the interaction between myself and the manager was definitely heated, I assume (and hope) this will be the only time I walk out on employment, so a part of me wishes I  made a scene.  Although I might feel badly if I did.  It’s probably better this way.

Luckily I was hired at another place, that position starts on Monday.  I know if other options were not already there, I’d probably  have stayed at the place I was working and put up with the nonsense for awhile longer.  Now I own five days of nothing.  No place to be, no obligations outside the home, and absolutely no money I feel I can spend.  Being as I already told you I subscribe to satellite TV , I considered sitting on the couch at every possible moment and watching re-runs on TV Land.  I still might.  Right now I want to embrace the feeling of being a stay-at-home mom for however short a period of time it is.  Consider me Mrs. Cleaver, I’m baking friggin’ bread!

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10 Responses to Bon-Bons and Soap Operas for Five Days

  1. Sarah says:

    The mask…

  2. I just love eating Bon-Bon’s and watching Soaps, it’s the life!

    You definitely should’ve made a scene, it just sounds like fun.

  3. Amy says:

    I think five days is the perfect amount of time to be unemployed. Long enough to enjoy, short enough to keep you showering on a regular basis.

  4. Jason says:

    That photo is awesomeness!! I had a chance to purchase the Optimus mask at a yard sale last weekend, but I passed. I thought briefly(which is wierd, because I’m a pretty impulsive buyer when it comes to yard/garage sales), of where I would put it if not in use, and couldn’t come up with anything. The “vault” is pretty packed as it is.

  5. DJ D says:

    My new project is to invent a cloning machine so that we can all have a KB. Custom made of course. The original is near perfection as it is, but imagine, you could have all that, but trick it out to fit your taste. What if you’re really into bluegrass? So’s she! What if you raise alpacas? Your KB will keep your back yard stocked…because it’s her biggest passion.

    I only say this because I think if I came home and my woman was sitting on the couch, bottle of booze in hand, wearing that mask, there would be no doubt. That right there is all you need in life. One of those. Now we just have to mass market this thing and we’ve struck it rich.

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