As though I’ve been through a war, a war I won none the less, I am exhausted beyond the tiredness I normally feel.  Also, my curser is not showing up on the screen.   When one is tired, and trying to type and cannot see the stupid vertical line that shows them their electronic place, it is basically time to go to bed until the weariness dies off or the curser returns, or both.

What I am doing in my awake hours is embracing  the season of autumn with both my arms stretched as far as they go. I have beautiful scented candles burning, I bought a pumpkin spiced latte yesterday, and I am about to crochet a scarf that I will probably never finish.  I think I know what bears feel like when they hibernate.

The seasons changed here so quickly.  It was a hundred degrees a few weeks ago and the high today was about 62.  I usually pine for fall and it smacked me in the face this year and I feel like a house guest has arrive dunannounced and I am out of coffee.  And I still have no curser.

I mentioned before that I want to do more with this blog.  And I do.  Give me another day or so, it’s coming.  I promise.  Until then, break open your dusty boxes of fall decor with me and say hello to the holiday season.  It’s starting, don’t fight it.

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killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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6 Responses to Recovery

  1. Xylem says:

    Dunannounced? Fall is fun where I live too! Visit.

  2. Amy says:

    I’ve been frantically redecorating for two days now trying to rid my living room and kitchen of summer. Goodbye fruity candles! Goodbye light blue! Helloooooo orange!!!

  3. Jason says:

    It was in the fifties here yesterday. Yup, Fall is definitely here.

  4. Will says:

    I need your address one more time.

    It’s our time of the year!!!!

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